Sunday, December 20, 2009

To mumma on her B'day

Dear Mumma

Wishing you a very very happy birthday.

The first time I opened my eyes in this world, I saw "God" right before me because.. I saw "you". Holding your finger I began my life with a steady start. Everytime I fall, you were there to help me.. everytime I cried, you were there to lend me a shoulder.. everytime I failed, you were there to encourage me.. everytime I went wrong, you were there to correct me.. The position I have made for myself in this world, it is all because of you.
Ma, you are the building block of my personality and I pledge I'll be by your side all through my life. Thanks for giving me such a beautiful life..
I will not write much because I know you are a bit emotional and you'll cry instantly you read this letter.. So, bring a smile on your face for me and celebrate...

Your son..

* * * * *

Saturday, December 12, 2009

And miles to go before I sleep..

Last time I posted some inspiring quotes but forgot to mention a short poem that has inspired me a lot. Its a famous poem by Robert Frost "miles to go before I sleep" . But what inspires me the most is its hindi version. I was introduced to its hindi version in class 10th and mind you.. I still remember it..!!
So here's a post dedicated to one of my favourite poem..

"Saghan ghane manmohak wan taru mujhko aaj bulatey hain,
kintu kiye jo waade humney yaad humey aa jaatey hain,
abhi kaha araam bada yah muk nimantrana chalna hai,
arrey abhi to milo mujhko, milo mujhko chalna hai... "

* * * * *

Friday, November 20, 2009

She's a gud gal.. m a bad guy..!!

She wakes up praying,
thinking of her aims and her lifestyle,
I wake up falling from bed,
scratching my head in style..

She starts her day,
having a smile on her face,
I start my day brushing,
and bathing at immense pace.

Staring in the mirror,
she admires her beauty,
when I do the same,
mirror says " ley main tuti!!".. :(

She loves drinking,
a coffee too pleasant,
I prefer taking booze,
a life's pain repallant.

She easily manages herself,
and everything around her,
I prefer making messy things,
a hell lot messier.

I know, she and me,
are a poles apart,
i m dumb and,
she is hell lot smart.

But remember my love,
north is incomplete without south,
we together make a complete magnet,
I LOVE YOU is now what I shout... :)

* * * * *

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A perfect night out...

A few nights before, me n my friends enjoyed a perfect night out. I got to face the implacable fun in life. I can never understand how loners live their life.. but to me, a life without friends is a life without memories. So, here's an impeccable write about a night out...

  • 9 friends.. (I had Samarpit, Ashutosh, Shubham, Prashant, Mansoor, Yash, Vipul, Pramod, Rohit)
  • 6 booze bottles.. (. ..\m/.. .)
  • 2 Guitars..
  • 2 Guitarists.. (I had one for lead and one for playback)
  • A room at 8th floor of building
  • A roof at 13th floor
  • Enter the friend's house with all mates.
  • 10 guys together and BC starts automatically.
  • Chatar matar and hello.. its time to cheers.. \m/.. ;)
  • Being a bit high.. start singing.. the guitarists will back the group.
  • Don't give a f*ck about neighbours.. shout at top of the voices.
  • Sing rock, then pop, then the B. Tech. ones.. :p
  • Ahh hell, booze gone man!! Time for dinner..!!
  • After dinner, hit the 13th floor (roof top).
  • This time a cold wind hits and the group goes a bit emotional. :D
  • Guitarists play a pleasant tune. Now its the turn for the ones who have their GF's and the ones who are still trying.. :p
  • Some recite poem.. some sing a song.. some dance as hell.. some hear silently.. and some juss puke..!! (being a bit boozed out.. :D)
  • After lots of talks, lots of enjoyment.. slowly everyone starts moving back to the room.
At the End:
  • Warm hugs and fall down to sleep.
  • A group moves out for "night walk".. :p
  • Walk down the lane, dancing, singing, listening music.. and back to hostel..!!
A night to cherish.. a night to remember..

* * * * *

Friday, October 23, 2009

A letter to my Dad on his B'day..

Dear daddy,

A very very happy b'day to you. On this very special day I want you to have a smile by some of my very very special words.
I know every child says that he wants to follow his father's footsteps but I literally mean it. I still remember, in my childhood days, how eagerly I took your shaving kit to try it out on my face as soon as you completed shaving. Its just a cute and short example of how much idealistic you meant and still mean to me. Father you are the role model of my life..

Starting from a small village you came out with flying colors. Graduating from BHU-IT, the institute of which the students dream, you built a reputation in society. I will find myself at the seventh heaven if anyday I even touch the level of respect you hold here in the society.

You are not my role model just because of your achievements in life but because of your most lovable fatherly attitude too. I still remember how you stood besides me for complete 6 hours UPTU counselling, just to help me out. I still remember how many inspirational stories you told to me and didi, so that we can build our own personality. Daddy, you have always been a helping hand to me throughout my life. Not only to me but to our whole family you have proved to be a protective shield. I pledge I'll never dissapoint you by any act of mine throughout my life.

Daddy its not the exaggeration of what I m going to say but if one day I get even 2% of your principles, I'll consider my life a success.

Your beloved son

"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad."

* * * * *

Monday, October 19, 2009

2nd yr @ JSS

With the advancement of third sem, i donno from where, a feeling of seniority plugged into me. Ragging juniors, making them do my assignments, bulling them in every respect gave me immense amount of pleasure. I know.. I know its wrong but even we had been through all this ragging stuff.. and its not that bad.. ;)

Ragging was our primary job, attending classes being the secondary one. Bunking so many classes sometimes made me get worried of being detained from sessionals.. but the time never came from God's grace. Academics was a thing I was least concerned. The only thing I was concerned with were my coding skills. I honed them whenever I got time.

The Hostel Night was a bit sad without sid, avi, rahul and many other friends. Actually, a fight took place between the 4th yr seniors and our batch. 4th yr beat a 2nd yr one and we replied back on a large scale. Many of our friends boycotted the hostel night.. yet we remained. Though enjoyed yet missed our friends a lot. Nevertheless, danced till 4:30 a.m. this time.. :)

This was the sem when I became a bit serious about my career and decided to join the Nibble Computer Society of our college. I got selected and it was a biggy..!! Sitting among the highly technical bandas of our college was a thing to feel "yo" about..!! :D

Meanwhile my "bhasadi" group was making a big-big plan. We went for a trip to jaipur in dec just after the sem. I can explain the whole trip in just one word.. SPEECHLESS!!..
Deluxe Bus- mountains- Amber Fort- Elephants- Jaigarh Fort- Biggest Cannon- Beautiful Sight- City Palace- Thali House- Jal Mahal- Nagarh Fort- Full Jaipur Sight- RDB Point... huh.. amazing..

Khair at last, all masti paid me badly and I screwed up my academics. Percentage were so low that I can't even mention them here.. :(.. Thinking "koi na.. next time".. I entered the fourth sem.

I and Prateek went to "Sankalan" techfest, only to lose again. We returned back, honed our programming skills.. he started calling me world coder number 1 and I called him world coder number 2.. After a few days.. guess what.. world coder number 2 crore and 2 crore 1.. "Back to tapori ishtyle.." :D

Second year ended with a small increase in marks.. Lots of masti in both the years.. now its gotta be serious..!!

* * * * *

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1st yr @ JSS

Ya.. I know its a bit late for me to write 'bout my first year days. Yet its better to be late than never. So, here I m to rekindle my memories of first year. Here I start with my "BLAH BLAH".. ;)

After a long, tiring era of 19 years in school and coaching I entered a beautiful world of JSS. I dreamt of some better colleges previously but.. fate is fate. Many of my seniors suggested to take a flat with friends yet I decided to take the hostel. "Kaun saala flat ke pachde me pade yaar". :D

It has always been a case with me that I m never deprived of friends. JSS Boys Hostel was no exception. As I entered the hostel I formed a group of eight friends (later called GINGER). We walked anywhere and everywhere together. The only thing we feared the most were our seniors. My first confrontation with ragging came just a few days after. It was just a verbal one which took a vigorous u-turn when the seniors took me and my friends to a barbers' shop and trimmed our heads with a size '0' machine. Mind you, size '0' waist may look awesome on a gal but size '0' hairstyle can make a guy jump into a deep well. :(
Nevertheless, getting "Find of the Tournament" in the Hostel Table-Tennis Competition worked as a pain-killer but a 'full-of-pleasure' Hostel-Night, was even better. Rain dance till 2:30 a.m. was a thing to remember. I never knew before that day that even I can behave like a junglee. Shouting at top of our voice we made it our day.

As the time passed, ragging lost its intensity and my so called 'Bhasadi' group started its expeditions. Hell a lot of parties, hell a lot of night outs, hell a lot of sight seeing, hell a lot of fights. We did them all. Sleeping at 2 in the night before gulping a paratha at HCL was our normal routine.

Sems were approaching and so were our seniors. I still remember, it was 18th november 2007, when me and my roomy wrote all through the day just to complete our and our seniors' assignments. Phew.!! the 'hectiest' day till date.
Sems ended with nice decent score. The next sem started with the commencement of days of love. I don't no why but just few days before the Valentines day numerous fights break between guys. Same happened with me. I would not discuss the whole incident in detail but the only thing I can do is hats off to the level of committment guy and gal share. They are still together. I was all alone on 14th feb.. no gal to flirt with :p.. khair I had my 'bhasadi' group with me.. :D

I and my friend Prateek went for a sports meet.. lost in TT.. as usual. The very next day we had so much of enthu that we called one of our seniors to teach us 'top spin'. Prateek started calling me world number 2 and I called him world number 1. After few days we became so exhausted that we came back to our tapori world. World number 2 lakh and world number 2 lakh 1.
I was the first one among friends to have a lappy. Regular movie shows started at 10:30 p.m. ;)

1st year ended leaving behind its sweet memories. The birthday parties, the jaundice attack, first trip to red fort, Akshardham, HCL ke parathe, "pandey ki....", sutta song at night and the list goes on and on and on. . .

* * * * *

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Some lines that I confronted in life which inspire me to move on and on..

  • "Yesterday is history,
    Tomorrow is a mystery,
    but today is a gift,
    thats why its called "PRESENT".."
    -- dialogue of Kungfu Panda
  • "Falling down is not defeat, defeat is when you refuse to get up.."
    -- my gmail signature

  • "The only constant thing in life is CHANGE"
    -- from my Software Engineering Book
  • "Only thing that's worse than one is none.."
    snippet from a song of LP
  • "We never shutdown.. we hibernate!!"
    nibble's tagline.. (given by me) :)
* * * * *

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sometimes I feel like...

Sometimes I feel like,
driving with you for long,
making our relation,
a bit more strong.

Sometimes I feel like,
embracing you tight,
protecting you from,
everyone's sight.

Sometimes I feel like,
giving you everything,
making you feel,
I can't love you as anything.

Sometimes I feel like,
spending with you a day,
hearing calmly anything,
and everything you say.

Sometimes I feel like,
giving you a smile,
so that you can't forget me,
even for a while.

Sometimes I feel like,
writing for you all night,
making you feel my love,
making you feel it light.

Sometimes I feel like,
teasing you everytime,
making you say,
"chalo me haari this time".

Sometimes I feel like,
kissing and making you shy,
making you realise,
can't live without you.. O my Cutie Pie..!!

* * * * *

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things I hate the most

After sharing a hell lot of things I love, I would love to share the exclusive things I hate the most. So here goes my hate list :-
  • To top my hate list is HIMESH RESHAMMIYA.. I hate not only his music but also his voice and the way he sings his songs. The way he acts, i.e. the angry look he usually carries with himself, only makes me laugh..or rather roflmao..!! Ya.. I agree he has given many good scores in past but they are past now. The songs he compose today really annoy me. Sorry sir, you have to give your best to please me.. :p
  • The second thing that I hate the most are "apples".. an apple a day keeps doctor away?? Damn it.. I'll keep a doctor besides me for entire life instead of an apple.. huh..
  • Hmm now comes the attitude of people.. if I help a person anytime, I expect some help in return when I need it. If the person backs off at that moment.. he finds his name here at the third spot..!!
  • I hate to see gals or women crying before me.. its just because I cannot handle that situation well.. I get nervous.. ;). A gal crying needs a shoulder to cry upon.. I usually forget to lend that.. actually I just get paralysed. :D
  • The only thing which I hate 'bout myself is my anger.. I do not get angry often..(frequency is around once a year!!).. but when it happens.. no one can stop me.. A beast gets unleashed out of me.. Anything can happen then.. and I regret after that.. So, I hate the "HULK" factor of myself.. :)
  • The last thing in my list is a lie. Actually.. yes.. even I lie.. and I lie too much (this time m not lying though!!) but a lie which causes pain to somebody.. or to hide a truth that makes a diffrence to me really hurts me and I hate everything that does so. So remember, while lying to me always make sure that if I get to know the truth, it does'nt hurt me..

I would also like to include some more to my hate list:
  • Rakhi Sawant.. hell!!
  • My hair style.. dude!! everything's gone.. :(
  • Lauki.. who on earth discovered this vegetable?? :X
  • RGV ki aag.. I could'nt withstand it even for 15 mins..!! wat a shame..!!
  • Akon .. mr. lonely?? crap..!!
* * * * *

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A ruined UPTU genius..!!

  • @ 8:05 a.m. Wakes up
  • @ 8:30 a.m. Tana tann ready
  • @ 8:35 a.m. Skips breakfast
  • @ 8:45 a.m. Reaches class
  • @ 8:46 a.m. Teacher outpours his/her anger
  • @ 8:47 a.m. Gets thrown out of the class
  • @ 8:49a.m. to 9:25 a.m. Bangs the table of canteen then runs for next class.
  • @ 9:30 a.m. to 1:14 p.m. Sleeps tightly (awakes only during roll calls)
  • @ 1:15 p.m. Rushes to canteen for lunch meets friends unlimited
  • @ 2:45 p.m. Watches time and thinks "Hell!! m late again..."
  • @ 2:50 p.m. Reaches lab
  • @ 2:51 p.m. Thinks "Chhod yaar, kaun teacher ki pachar pachar sune.."
  • @ 2:52 p.m. Leaves for canteen
  • @ 3:02 p.m. Meets friends at canteen astonished to know there was a mass bunk.. hurrah!!
  • @ 3:03 p.m. Starts BC
  • @ 4:45 p.m. Leaves for hostel for evening sports
  • @ 5:00 p.m. Reaches ground for smacking others
  • @ 6:30 p.m. Comes back to "room sweet room" after being smacked
  • @ 6:35 p.m. Thinks of what he has to do in life.. with an iPod on for sure
  • @ 7:15 p.m. Gets interrupted with a huge roar in hostel.. WTF!! India won!!! How can he miss such an important match!!
  • @ 7:16 p.m. Gets complete info 'bout the match from frns
  • @ 8:00 p.m. Seeing the menu of dinner feels like vomiting
  • @ 8:05 p.m. Checks out the wallet.. hell! no money to eat dinner outside
  • @ 8:10 p.m. Back for dinner in mess
  • @ 8:35 p.m. Picks up book.. for a sec thinks of studying
  • @ 8:36 p.m. Friend comes in.. "Chal yaar TT kheltey hain.."
  • @ 8:45 p.m. Leaves room for smashing his frnd away
  • @ 9:30 p.m. Wins all matches and gives a "cold drink" treat to his sad frnd
  • @ 10:00 p.m. Comes back to room and only to see that his room is jampacked with frns and AOE server is on man!!!!!
  • @ 10:05 p.m. Unpacks lappy, join the server, starts the game.. with an "mkl" converse!!
  • @ 11:30 p.m. When just goin to win.. a call frm girl frnd..!!
  • @ 11:30:12 p.m. Thinks "whats more important??"
  • @ 11:31 p.m. Pauses the game and attends the call
  • @ 11:32 p.m. Frns start shouting and his position is given to other
  • @ 1:00 a.m. Says "I love you" for the 37th time and ends the call
  • @ 1:05 p.m. Comes back to room only to see his team lost.. koi na
  • @ 1:15 p.m. Checks out mail, orkut, girl friend's scrapbook, facebook, girl friends "male friends" scrapbooks.. and hell lot of other things.. need not discuss them..
  • @ 2:30 p.m. After completely satisfied.. feels a li'l bit hungry
  • @ 2:35 p.m. Leaves for paratha shop with frns for "pet puja"
  • @ 3:15 p.m. Fight for money.. "Arrey maine kal paise diye to the.. grrrr"
  • @ 3:20 p.m. "Accha haan kal paise kaha diye the.. koi na.. aaj le lo.. chilla kyo rahe ho?"
  • @ 3:35 p.m. Comes back to room.. "huh neend aa gayi yaar.."
  • @ 3:40 p.m. Makes a plan for tomorrow. "I will not waste it like today.. for sure!!"
  • @ 3:45 p.m. Ear phone in ears and goes to sleep

* * * * *

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jaha "chaah" waha raah..!!

Plzz.. Do not misinterpret the title. This post is not at all idealistic. This post is dedicated to foodoholics who "do not eat for living but live for eating".. :p

'Chaah', mentioned above is the rural pronounciation of 'tea'. Tea in the title is not specific only to the beverage but it denotes every edible item we love to eat or drink.
We, "the foodoholics", make our own way but every way we make ultimately reaches to an edible item. We can die eating our favourites. Life's ultimate goal is.. "bhai khane ko kucch accha mil jaae bass.."

So, I dedicate this post to all foodoholics like me who can never resist an aloo tikki berger from Mc D, extra cheese pizza from Pizza Hut, a hot dog from a local bakery.. pani ke bataashe.. aloo ki tikki.. aloo ke parathe with extra butter.. veg biryani.. malai kofta with stuffed naan.. dahi vade.. masala dosa.. chhole bhature.. dhokla.. kachori.. bati-chokha.. gulab jamun.. jalebi.. ras malai.. ahem!!.. sry sry, it was just an overflow of emotions.. foodoholic u know!!

All hail foodoholics...
Where there is a 'tea', there is our way or as I say.. "jaha 'chaah' waha raah".

* * * * *

Friday, August 21, 2009

~~Without you~~

Without you..
its hard to pass a day..
Without you..
its hard to have a say..

Without you..
its hard to resist day dreams..
Without you..
so much hard life seems..

Without you..
life cannot be lead..
Without you..
m more like a dead..

Without you..
nothing's good even for a while..
Without you..
I keep on dreaming 'bout your smile.. :)

* * * * *

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Table Tennis... My Love!!!

Why do I like Table Tennis the most?? The simple answer to the question is.. "Even I don't know".. :p
The most appealing feature of playing TT is the fact that its a one on one game. Its just you and your opponent. There's no one else who can make you lose or win.I started playing the game in class 11th and believe me I never slept without playing it. Me and my frns played it at school, at my home (dining table ofcourse!! :D), in the class and every other place where we can find a possibility.

I sometimes played the game for 4 hrs non-stop.. Even class 12th boards could'nt part me away from my love..Every time I reach situation called "Deuce".. everytime m 'bout to beat a better opponent.. everytime m about to hit a smash.. I feel an adrenaline rush.. thats the feeling I love the most, thats the feeling I cherish the most.

I don't know how and why I got into this game, but I thank God that He gave me a chance to experience such a great game that every sportsman would love to play..

"Handling life is just like handling a Top Spin.. sooner you play it better is the return"
-- Vaibh-av
* * * * *

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A few words about muzzic...

Rock or Hard Metal:
An electric guitar vibrates and the head starts moving. You don't bother about anything else. Its just you and the 6 string.
You are on top of the world. Every beat of drum pumps up the blood to your head. This rush of blood in the head makes you shout on top of your voice, makes you bang your head until you give vent to all your tension, frustation and anger. Thats what I call "hard metal" or "rock" genre of muzzic.

I can never forget the 'shut ups' of Chester in "one step closer"(LP).. can never forget the emotions blended in "don't stay".. can never forget the snare drum beats of "sad but true"(mettalica).. can never forget the passion of nirvana.. can never forget the catchy lyrics of AC-DC.. can never forget the expert use of electric guitar by Breaking Benjamin and Hoobastank..They all literally ROCK!!

Genre I call "smooth":
A flute makes your heart feel elated. Emotions come pounding on you.
Your thinking senses die smoothly and the only thing that remains behind is feeling. You feel about friends, feel about love, feel about relations, feel about everything near you. Thats what I call "smooth" genre of muzzic.

I can never forget the touching lyrics of "in this life"(Ronan Keating).. can never forget the purity of "carry you home"(James Blunt).. can never forget the proposing enrique of "somebody's me".. can never forget the stars shown by coldplay in "yellow".. can never forget every ghazal of legend Jagjit Singh.. can never forget the dead romantic voice of Lucky Ali.
With this I would love to mention about a song "Teri Yaadien" by Ninad. The song neither has world class vibrations nor it has tag of the world's greatest bands yet it reaches my soul so easily that it qualifies as my favourite song. The sound of guitar and the lyrics complement each other so beautifully that it makes me hear it again and again and again..

Other genres like pop, jazz, raps,I tell you, can easily become one's best friend.. always available in your free time to give you a perfect company.

``Music is magic. Its really hard to live a life without it.``

* * * * *

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Poem recited by me during farewell of our seniors:-

You are the one's, who make our college proud.
You are the one's, who lead the crowd.

You are the one's, who are never late.
You are the one's, who work 8 to 8.

You are the one's, who taught us to co-ordinate.
made us not to shutdown but just to hibernate...

* * * * *

Sunday, May 31, 2009

smile please!!

class lover implements feelings
public static void main(String args[])
catch(notGirlException e1)
System.Out.println("don't even try!!");
catch(girlUnpattable e2)              //Unpattable means jo patai na ja sake!!
System.Out.println("pyar me devdas!!");
for(i=lifeNow;i<=death;life++)      //till death do us apart!!
love++;                            //anyway love never ends!!

:) :) :) :) :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

m a Hardcore Gamer!!

If it gives your nerves a pleasent chill,
when you down your opponent with a head shot kill..

If it gives you a feel of superiority complex,
when you crush down a castle or a duplex..

If it gives your lips a cunning smile,
when you spam a hiding bot named Kyle..

If it never forces you to set back,
when you fall in the trap of feudal attack..

If it makes you wanna cut someone's face,
when he stops you from hitting an ace..

If no one can stop you from chopping,
when once you start bunny hopping..

If you are ready to play with an enemy's blood,
If you are ready to bring with you a bullet's flood,
Congo!! Then you are a hardcore gamer brother,
Go and find your match with your far sighted Hussar!!
* * * * *

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A beloved friend...

~O~ ~O~ ~O~ ~O~ ~O~

Standing on the crossroads,
I wonder where to go,
I am all alone here,
besides me and my shadow...

I look at my shadow,
and ask why is it here?
Go anywhere it wants,
because 'bout her I don't care...

My shadow says to me,
and makes me listen,
that "you are the one,
'cause of whom I've risen..."

"I can't leave you,
in any situation any time,
without you my lord,
my life would not be sublime..."

Thus, I found a friend in myself,
success will surely come in my way,
& I'll do anything to give my friend,
a beautiful smile everyday...

I'll fight the people, I'll fight the world,
never a problem would appraoch thee,
just because you are not my life,
but you mean more than my life to me...

~O~ ~O~ ~O~ ~O~ ~O~

Thursday, April 30, 2009

And life goes on...

Phir wahi subha hai,
phir wahi shaam...
Baarish ki ek boond ka,
phir wahi naam...

No matter what you did,
no matter what goes wrong,

no matter where you lost...

Life goes on....
and life goes on..

Bhul jao wo haar ka ehsaas,
yaad kar lo khushiyo ke wo pal...
Dil ke kone me chupa lo inhey,
yehi jeena sikhaenge tumko kal...

Phir wahi shaam hai,
phir wahi raat...
Raat ki hawa me,
phir wahi baat...

Ae dost itna jaan lo,
zindagi me aur bhi bade kaam hai...
Aise mat ho nirash ek haar se,
aakhir zindagi chalne ka naam hai...

Phir wahi ghar hai,
phir wahi yaar...
Dosto ke dil se nikla,
phir wahi pyar...

No matter what you did,
no matter what goes wrong,
no matter where you lost....
Life goes on...
and life goes on..

* * * * *

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A mourning husband...

The poem is written by a husband who lost his wife recently...

In my dreams I see you,
you look like a princess there too.

But don't ask me not to dream,
because u r my life.. n thats true!!!!!

Leaving me alone in the home,
happy, joyous whatever you feel,
the day you left me here,
its hard to take even a one time meal.
Once we vowed to be together always,
I wonder who is being dishonest towards the deal. 

I still wonder what wrong did I do,
killing me are the thoughts about you.

But don't ask me not to dream,
because u r my life.. n thats true!!!!!

Change your mind and do call me,
anytime, anyhow I'll be there.
Baby, you don't know a thing,
about you how much I still care.
Like gud old days we will take the meal together,
and I promise we will make a perfect pair.

I know your death has parted me from you,
but I want you back for a day or two.

But never ask me not to dream of you,
because u r my life.. n thats true!!!!!

* * * * *

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a foolish technical proposal

O baby
it's today that I confess...

If you are a Tomcat Server,
I wanna be your HTDocs folder... ;)

If you are a ROM chip,
I wanna be your bootstrap loader... ;)

If you are an auxillary memory,
I wanna be your 2X4 decoder... ;)

If you are an internet connection,
I wanna be your modulator/demodulator... ;)

Please don't confuse on what I have to say,
don't even try it out on a  calculator,
I juss wanna say that "I love you",
I want you to be my life's Dictator... :O

;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;) 

Monday, March 30, 2009

A raindrop...

A raindrop fall on my cheeks,

it seemed as a drop of tear on my face to you...

You came running and hugged me,

to share the grief I was going through...

To feel your extreme love, if this is the only way,

I pray to God for a raindrop every moment,

I pray to God for a raindrop everyday.....

* * * * *

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I m still the same...

Why do I

feel alone,

eventhough in a crowd I m walking.

Why do I

smile now and then,

eventhough I m not talking.

Why do I

see dreams,

even during the day time.

Why do my

heart now and then,

sounds as a wind chime.

Thank you that once

in my life you came. . .

I m glad to tell you that,

I m here and I m still the same,

I m here and I m still the same.

* * * * *

Friday, March 13, 2009

A perfect Metaphor...

If I m a rose,
then you are my fragrance,
as I m incomplete without you,

But if you are a rose,
then I m the thorns,
as I m trying to protect you,

If I m a bird,
then you are the sky,
as I need you,

But if you are a bird,
then I m the nest,
as I love to be with you,

* * * * *

Monday, March 2, 2009


Kabhi waqt mile,
to nazren jhuka lena,
shayad yaad aa jaun main tumhey...

bura kabhi itna bhi na tha,
khaamiyan to hain mujhme,
kabhi bahot chaaha tha tumhey,
abhi bhi wo chaahat kam nahi mujhme,

kabhi waqt mile,
to gehri saans le lena,
shayad yaad aa jaun main tumhey...

jo lafz kahe the kabhi tumse,
abhi bhi adig hun unme,
par ab saahas nahi utna,
'naa' ke baad bhi 'haan' ki aas lagau tum me,

kabhi waqt mile,
to khat dekh lena,
shayad yaad aa jaun main tumhey...

jeena sikhla diya tha,
ik zindagi dekh li thi tum me,
kya karen dil bahot kamzor hai,
dard aur nahi jhel sakta issme,

kabhi waqt mile,
to kisi ka intezaar kar lena,
shayad yaad aa jaun main tumhey...

* * * * *

Sunday, February 22, 2009

But at last it rained...

A cloud resisted a lot,
it tried not to rain today,
"not once again", it thought,
but at last it rained today...

The atmosphere was rainy,
it was feeling afraid today,
it does'nt wish to rain,
but at last it rained today...

It is annoyed of raining,
it's always painful and specially today,
it can't resist anymore,
so, at last it rained today... 

Everything is conspiring against it, 
Its heart does'nt help him today,
neither do its emotions,
so, at last he rained today...

It tried to push itself away,
from the rainy atmosphere of today,
but lightening shone on his way,
and at last it rained today...

The clouds are nothing but my eyes,
which I realised today,
due to constant pain given to my heart,
at last they rained today...  
* * * * *

Friday, February 13, 2009


To my Valentine:

I don't know who you are..
I don't know how you look like..

I don't know whether you are near..
or very far from me..

I don't know whether I know you..
or you know me..

But the thing I know..
you reside in every single beat of my heart..

The thing I know..
you are the drug that keeps me alive..

The thing I know..
you are most beautiful dream of my life..

I can't die.. because i can't afford to lose you..
even after the death of mine..

O the Juliet of my life..
would you like to be my VALENTINE?
* * * * *

Thursday, February 5, 2009

If only u don't come late

Feel my feelings that are going in vain,
feel them now as I m going insane..

I m waiting for u right here right now,
you don't know m breathing somehow..

I m pulling every passerby to see ur face,
you don't know it brings to me a feeling of disgrace..

I've never been through such a hazard,
its so difficult to love someone with every broken piece of ur heart..

why can't I be with you,
is it that I don't deserve you?

I'll change the future, I'll change the fate,
but if only.. today u don't come late,
if only.. today u don't come late..

* * * * *

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whats love according to me...

I totally refute the full form of LOVE many people have formed..
To me its something else..

L... Lake of sorrow??
Actually it is...
Lake of happiness, lake of numerous smiles, lake of feeling of mutual respect, lake of feeling of togetherness...

* * *

O... Ocean of tears??
Actually it is...
Ocean of emotions, ocean of memories, ocean of cute feelings for each other...

* * *

V... Valley of thorns??

Actually it is...
Valley of roses and full of greenery.. a valley where you want to dwell rest of your life with your special one...

* * *

E... End of life??

Actually it is...
your Entry into life, the life you always dreamt of...

Thats what love means to me!!
* * * * *

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A letter to you "my friend"...

Hey buddy!!

We met and it was destined. But if anytime destiny calls off our friendship.. m surely going to fight with it, simply because I cannot afford to lose a real precious gem of my life.

Do you remember how happy we both felt when we talked to each other.. do you remember how excited we got during our conversations that we even used to forget about the time.. do you remember the good times we had spent, the precious memories we possess and the countless fights we had.. they are all precious gifts to me.

The reason why I like you the most is not because you have always tried to help me out in every situation of life but because while doing anything I was always assured you will be there to help me.

My friend, have you ever realised why have I never asked you for a gift on my birthdays.. its just because you are the greatest gift of my life.

So cheer up, and say at the loudest volume of your voice.. "WE ROCK.. Yo!!" :)

K33p SM!L!NG

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why can't I??

Why can't I be so special as Niel Armstrong?
Landing on a territory where no one else has ever been...

Why can't I be so special as Bapu?
Giving my countrymen freedom to live their dreams...

Why can't I be so special as Mother Teresa?
Teaching every one how to give others a smile...

Why can't I be so special as Elvis Presley?
Entering into everyones heart...

Why can't I be so special as my father?
Making my own road to success...

Who says I can't be special?
Even if I don't have anything special, 
may be this is the thing that makes me special...!!
* * * * *

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Wrote Once A Love Poem!!

All of us give vent to our feelings.. and method which I prefer the most is writing poems!!
The poems I write are not at all rhyming but feelings that they contain are enormous. I would definitly love to read the comments on them and how to improve upon them..

The first poem i m going to write is a love poem which a lover writes for his life's dazzling damsel..
Here it goes..

gone r the days.... when i missed u..
actually now i m mad 'bout u....

gone r the days.... when i was desparate 'bout u..
actually now i m in love with u....

gone r the days.... when i thought 'bout u..
actually now u r always in my mind....

gone r the days.... when i considered u my love..
actually now i consider u my life....
* * * * *