Thursday, August 6, 2009

A few words about muzzic...

Rock or Hard Metal:
An electric guitar vibrates and the head starts moving. You don't bother about anything else. Its just you and the 6 string.
You are on top of the world. Every beat of drum pumps up the blood to your head. This rush of blood in the head makes you shout on top of your voice, makes you bang your head until you give vent to all your tension, frustation and anger. Thats what I call "hard metal" or "rock" genre of muzzic.

I can never forget the 'shut ups' of Chester in "one step closer"(LP).. can never forget the emotions blended in "don't stay".. can never forget the snare drum beats of "sad but true"(mettalica).. can never forget the passion of nirvana.. can never forget the catchy lyrics of AC-DC.. can never forget the expert use of electric guitar by Breaking Benjamin and Hoobastank..They all literally ROCK!!

Genre I call "smooth":
A flute makes your heart feel elated. Emotions come pounding on you.
Your thinking senses die smoothly and the only thing that remains behind is feeling. You feel about friends, feel about love, feel about relations, feel about everything near you. Thats what I call "smooth" genre of muzzic.

I can never forget the touching lyrics of "in this life"(Ronan Keating).. can never forget the purity of "carry you home"(James Blunt).. can never forget the proposing enrique of "somebody's me".. can never forget the stars shown by coldplay in "yellow".. can never forget every ghazal of legend Jagjit Singh.. can never forget the dead romantic voice of Lucky Ali.
With this I would love to mention about a song "Teri Yaadien" by Ninad. The song neither has world class vibrations nor it has tag of the world's greatest bands yet it reaches my soul so easily that it qualifies as my favourite song. The sound of guitar and the lyrics complement each other so beautifully that it makes me hear it again and again and again..

Other genres like pop, jazz, raps,I tell you, can easily become one's best friend.. always available in your free time to give you a perfect company.

``Music is magic. Its really hard to live a life without it.``

* * * * *


  1. Wow... i m mesmerised reading it... cant forget :) .... abt how many things u can never forget :P

  2. yo!! i can even not forget the beautiful comments u all post.. ;)

  3. yeah vaib,
    u can't live life without muzzik.........

  4. yeah nd same goes fr u dude.. :D