Sunday, February 22, 2009

But at last it rained...

A cloud resisted a lot,
it tried not to rain today,
"not once again", it thought,
but at last it rained today...

The atmosphere was rainy,
it was feeling afraid today,
it does'nt wish to rain,
but at last it rained today...

It is annoyed of raining,
it's always painful and specially today,
it can't resist anymore,
so, at last it rained today... 

Everything is conspiring against it, 
Its heart does'nt help him today,
neither do its emotions,
so, at last he rained today...

It tried to push itself away,
from the rainy atmosphere of today,
but lightening shone on his way,
and at last it rained today...

The clouds are nothing but my eyes,
which I realised today,
due to constant pain given to my heart,
at last they rained today...  
* * * * *


  1. hey dude it seems ther's a lot of pain hiding somewhere deep in your heart.btw ur effots are really applauding.

  2. thanku garima didi.. thanks for visiting my blog!! :)