Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jaha "chaah" waha raah..!!

Plzz.. Do not misinterpret the title. This post is not at all idealistic. This post is dedicated to foodoholics who "do not eat for living but live for eating".. :p

'Chaah', mentioned above is the rural pronounciation of 'tea'. Tea in the title is not specific only to the beverage but it denotes every edible item we love to eat or drink.
We, "the foodoholics", make our own way but every way we make ultimately reaches to an edible item. We can die eating our favourites. Life's ultimate goal is.. "bhai khane ko kucch accha mil jaae bass.."

So, I dedicate this post to all foodoholics like me who can never resist an aloo tikki berger from Mc D, extra cheese pizza from Pizza Hut, a hot dog from a local bakery.. pani ke bataashe.. aloo ki tikki.. aloo ke parathe with extra butter.. veg biryani.. malai kofta with stuffed naan.. dahi vade.. masala dosa.. chhole bhature.. dhokla.. kachori.. bati-chokha.. gulab jamun.. jalebi.. ras malai.. ahem!!.. sry sry, it was just an overflow of emotions.. foodoholic u know!!

All hail foodoholics...
Where there is a 'tea', there is our way or as I say.. "jaha 'chaah' waha raah".

* * * * *

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