Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jaha "chaah" waha raah..!!

Plzz.. Do not misinterpret the title. This post is not at all idealistic. This post is dedicated to foodoholics who "do not eat for living but live for eating".. :p

'Chaah', mentioned above is the rural pronounciation of 'tea'. Tea in the title is not specific only to the beverage but it denotes every edible item we love to eat or drink.
We, "the foodoholics", make our own way but every way we make ultimately reaches to an edible item. We can die eating our favourites. Life's ultimate goal is.. "bhai khane ko kucch accha mil jaae bass.."

So, I dedicate this post to all foodoholics like me who can never resist an aloo tikki berger from Mc D, extra cheese pizza from Pizza Hut, a hot dog from a local bakery.. pani ke bataashe.. aloo ki tikki.. aloo ke parathe with extra butter.. veg biryani.. malai kofta with stuffed naan.. dahi vade.. masala dosa.. chhole bhature.. dhokla.. kachori.. bati-chokha.. gulab jamun.. jalebi.. ras malai.. ahem!!.. sry sry, it was just an overflow of emotions.. foodoholic u know!!

All hail foodoholics...
Where there is a 'tea', there is our way or as I say.. "jaha 'chaah' waha raah".

* * * * *

Friday, August 21, 2009

~~Without you~~

Without you..
its hard to pass a day..
Without you..
its hard to have a say..

Without you..
its hard to resist day dreams..
Without you..
so much hard life seems..

Without you..
life cannot be lead..
Without you..
m more like a dead..

Without you..
nothing's good even for a while..
Without you..
I keep on dreaming 'bout your smile.. :)

* * * * *

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Table Tennis... My Love!!!

Why do I like Table Tennis the most?? The simple answer to the question is.. "Even I don't know".. :p
The most appealing feature of playing TT is the fact that its a one on one game. Its just you and your opponent. There's no one else who can make you lose or win.I started playing the game in class 11th and believe me I never slept without playing it. Me and my frns played it at school, at my home (dining table ofcourse!! :D), in the class and every other place where we can find a possibility.

I sometimes played the game for 4 hrs non-stop.. Even class 12th boards could'nt part me away from my love..Every time I reach situation called "Deuce".. everytime m 'bout to beat a better opponent.. everytime m about to hit a smash.. I feel an adrenaline rush.. thats the feeling I love the most, thats the feeling I cherish the most.

I don't know how and why I got into this game, but I thank God that He gave me a chance to experience such a great game that every sportsman would love to play..

"Handling life is just like handling a Top Spin.. sooner you play it better is the return"
-- Vaibh-av
* * * * *

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A few words about muzzic...

Rock or Hard Metal:
An electric guitar vibrates and the head starts moving. You don't bother about anything else. Its just you and the 6 string.
You are on top of the world. Every beat of drum pumps up the blood to your head. This rush of blood in the head makes you shout on top of your voice, makes you bang your head until you give vent to all your tension, frustation and anger. Thats what I call "hard metal" or "rock" genre of muzzic.

I can never forget the 'shut ups' of Chester in "one step closer"(LP).. can never forget the emotions blended in "don't stay".. can never forget the snare drum beats of "sad but true"(mettalica).. can never forget the passion of nirvana.. can never forget the catchy lyrics of AC-DC.. can never forget the expert use of electric guitar by Breaking Benjamin and Hoobastank..They all literally ROCK!!

Genre I call "smooth":
A flute makes your heart feel elated. Emotions come pounding on you.
Your thinking senses die smoothly and the only thing that remains behind is feeling. You feel about friends, feel about love, feel about relations, feel about everything near you. Thats what I call "smooth" genre of muzzic.

I can never forget the touching lyrics of "in this life"(Ronan Keating).. can never forget the purity of "carry you home"(James Blunt).. can never forget the proposing enrique of "somebody's me".. can never forget the stars shown by coldplay in "yellow".. can never forget every ghazal of legend Jagjit Singh.. can never forget the dead romantic voice of Lucky Ali.
With this I would love to mention about a song "Teri Yaadien" by Ninad. The song neither has world class vibrations nor it has tag of the world's greatest bands yet it reaches my soul so easily that it qualifies as my favourite song. The sound of guitar and the lyrics complement each other so beautifully that it makes me hear it again and again and again..

Other genres like pop, jazz, raps,I tell you, can easily become one's best friend.. always available in your free time to give you a perfect company.

``Music is magic. Its really hard to live a life without it.``

* * * * *