Sunday, March 23, 2014

They aren't wrong, they just can't feel

You have failed, take it on your face,
They'll say shit just to ameliorate.
You've failed, accept it and move on,
They aren't wrong but they just can't feel.

Failure is falling down they say,
you can stand up back and run again.
You have got to try n try again they say,
unless you succeed, achieve and be victorious.

What they miss is how great the fall was,
how excruciating is the pain.
How difficult a task it is to gather all broken pieces,
and strive all over again.

They aren't wrong, they just can't feel,
Life is a maze, not a marathon,
Understand and strive unless it hits,
Unless you know, yes, this is the one!

This is the one!

* * * * *