Saturday, October 15, 2016

No need of drugs.. when there's MuSiC - 7

Yet another October month's annual post. In case you are not caught up with my previous articles, you are free to navigate to them and get a hint of my taste in music:

So this year was Bollywood dominated (more of Arijit Singh dominated, I would say). However, my top 10 songs below include some very beautiful English ones as well. So sit back, relax and enjoy with me :)
  • "Schism" by Tool
  • "Agar tum sath ho" by Alka Yagnik
  • "Man of Steel" by Hans Zimmer

  • "Chull" by Badshah

  • "Bolna" by Arijit Singh
  • "Phir le aaya dil" by Arijit Singh
  • "Jaane do" by Vaibhav Bandhoo
  • "We don't talk anymore" by Charlie Puth
  • "Shaam" from Aisha
  • 'Phir Kabhi' by Arijit Singh

* * * * *

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Calvin and Hobbes

Comic strip I like the most. Recently I bought a book (out of $25 gift card I was rewarded for solving a fairly simple problem at office!). Sharing few strips from the book I like the most:

















Love Calvin :)

* * * * *

Saturday, April 9, 2016


नज़्म उलझी हुई है सीने में 
मिसरे अटके हुए हैं होठों पर 
उड़ते-फिरते हैं तितलियों की तरह 
लफ़्ज़ काग़ज़ पे बैठते ही नहीं 
कब से बैठा हुआ हूँ मैं जानम 
सादे काग़ज़ पे लिखके नाम तेरा
बस तेरा नाम ही मुकम्मल है 
इससे बेहतर भी नज़्म क्या होगी

- Gulzar

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Forgotten anniversary (yet again!!)

Is it that phase of my life when men start to forget important dates like anniversaries and birthdays? If this phase has arrived now, when I am not even married, I clearly see my future, when things will go only worse, getting sucked into a black hole.

Or is it just that I am dumb? 


Yes, correct, right !! Yet another forgotten "blog" anniversary!

It started way back in 2009 (January 23rd to be precise and to let you know that I am not late by a day or two but by one whole fucking week!) when I wrote my first post. And since then I have written 97 posts (98 if you count this one.. err.. in fact 100 if you also count the ones I deleted :-|.. Which in a way makes this my centenary post ! Whatever !), and still counting. It has been seven years now, a great accomplishment.. IMHO.

In the end, (also because I can't think of anything else to write *O MY FANTABULOUS WRITING SKILLS*) I would end by saying CHEERS TO WRITING AND CHEERS TO THIS BLOG !!

* * * * *