Sunday, May 31, 2009

smile please!!

class lover implements feelings
public static void main(String args[])
catch(notGirlException e1)
System.Out.println("don't even try!!");
catch(girlUnpattable e2)              //Unpattable means jo patai na ja sake!!
System.Out.println("pyar me devdas!!");
for(i=lifeNow;i<=death;life++)      //till death do us apart!!
love++;                            //anyway love never ends!!

:) :) :) :) :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

m a Hardcore Gamer!!

If it gives your nerves a pleasent chill,
when you down your opponent with a head shot kill..

If it gives you a feel of superiority complex,
when you crush down a castle or a duplex..

If it gives your lips a cunning smile,
when you spam a hiding bot named Kyle..

If it never forces you to set back,
when you fall in the trap of feudal attack..

If it makes you wanna cut someone's face,
when he stops you from hitting an ace..

If no one can stop you from chopping,
when once you start bunny hopping..

If you are ready to play with an enemy's blood,
If you are ready to bring with you a bullet's flood,
Congo!! Then you are a hardcore gamer brother,
Go and find your match with your far sighted Hussar!!
* * * * *

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A beloved friend...

~O~ ~O~ ~O~ ~O~ ~O~

Standing on the crossroads,
I wonder where to go,
I am all alone here,
besides me and my shadow...

I look at my shadow,
and ask why is it here?
Go anywhere it wants,
because 'bout her I don't care...

My shadow says to me,
and makes me listen,
that "you are the one,
'cause of whom I've risen..."

"I can't leave you,
in any situation any time,
without you my lord,
my life would not be sublime..."

Thus, I found a friend in myself,
success will surely come in my way,
& I'll do anything to give my friend,
a beautiful smile everyday...

I'll fight the people, I'll fight the world,
never a problem would appraoch thee,
just because you are not my life,
but you mean more than my life to me...

~O~ ~O~ ~O~ ~O~ ~O~