Monday, May 3, 2010

Lucknow Meri Jaan...

Lucknow-- A place where I have passed around 18 precious years of my life. 18 years..!! I still remember how bad I felt when I had to leave this beautiful City of Gardens, for graduation.

Right from my childhood days, there was never a moment when I regretted being in this city. I enjoyed thoroughly, and now when I reach the Station, I stretch my arms and inhale the air.. I smell my childhood days.. I smell fragrance of friendship and love suffused in the environment.

I still remember our visit to nimbu and haathi park.. our visit to Imambara.. I still remember the numerous films I saw with my friends, together wandering on the roads of Hazrat Ganj.
I still remember wo Indralok colony.. officers club.. St. Thomas.. Lucknow Public School.. wo Aashiana Colony.. TriVaAg.. Gandhi Bhawan.. Sahara Ganj.. Gomti Nagar.. Imambara.. wo dost.. wo Wadhwa Bakers ka hotdog.. wo mera pehla accident.. wo peeli waali bus.. wo ped.. wo park.. wo hawa.. wo sama..!!

Can never in my life forget this city where I passed the first 18 yrs of my life.. loved being here..!!

* * * * *