Sunday, June 29, 2014

Words of an Agnostic Theist

Sparkling blast and dazzling glow,
who made it happen billions of years ago?
Trillions of stars dancing around,
just an ocean's wave froth, rest still not found.
I believe there exists a "He".

When mother Earth's foundation and core got laid,
rivers ran amuck and birds started to prate.
Exists the one who disseminated love with beauty and sound,
Warmed our minds and evaporated ignorance all around.

He, who is above all religions 
He, who is above all cognition,
above all creeds and above all superstitions.

I believe there exists a "He",
a "He" who created you,

THE "He" who created me.

* * * * *

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Since past few months paucity of thoughts has precluded me penning down many topics here on my blog. There have been tough times but never has come a time when I felt short of words. I blame long working hours, I blame deteriorating concentration, I blame anything but myself. But today let me make my "ship of imagination" fly and pour everything out of my mind in this single post.

I wanted to write an open letter to Mr. Modi, congratulating him on his triumph and presenting him the challenges which lie ahead. I wanted to suggest him to travel across India and digest the fact that not all states are Gujarat. Here in Hyderabad, now capital of two states, I see what water scarcity can do to a life, what pollution can do to a city and what divisions can do to a nation at large. Now since media has successfully projected his image as a superman, he has got to live up to expectation and work his ass off to do to a nation what he has done to one state. Or else his party may perish in next general elections and ownership may fall into the hands of fledgling party AAP. The fact that AAP have never been able to govern any state for considerable time and prove their competence precludes me to give any credence to them.

The sadistic approach George R R Martin takes to end every short story in "the game of thrones", or shall I say "the songs of ice and fire", fueled my ship of imagination to travel to the future. What I predict is threat of white walkers uniting belligerent forces to fight against a greater force - a common scenario pretty evident in real,world wars, as well as reel life, Naruto (I remember I have written about it long ago. Ahh! long live my memory! Ok.. back to the topic). But the sadistic touch the author can impart to the plot is white walkers winning the war and converting everyone into their species. Lol! Martin is a genius. No one can ever predict what is going to happen. To hell with my ship of imagination.

And why am I talking, read writing, so much about "ship of imagination"? I got introduced to it by Neil DeGrasse Tyson in TV series named Cosmos. A TV series which has more number of "WHAT THE FUCK" moments than even aforementioned one. Tyson taught me how to fuel my ship of imagination and take it to some of the most esoteric parts of this life. Series talks about cosmic calendar, the theory of evolution (and how wrong we have always understood it), universe, celestial bodies, black holes, parallel universe, life in a droplet and how small we appear when compared to milky way and how big to a Tardigrade. I made my ship of imagination to travel one step further. I tried to find out pattern of life. Soon enough I realized that some thoughts cannot be penned down, they can just be felt or pictured. 

Keep aside universe and patterns of life, a man shall feel accomplished if he understands himself. Yes, I also wanted to write about myself. I am the man who mostly lives in past. I love to remember the days that have gone by, how beautiful they were, how can I picture them and keep them saved for the later part of my life. No wonder if I end up writing an autobiography about my experiences, provided my already fucked up relationship with memory doesn't end up in divorce. 

What beautiful thoughts and not a word written. I also wanted to write an open letter to my company's CEO. But that might be #NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Let me keep it for future and shut the fuck up..!

* * * * *