Friday, January 23, 2009

I Wrote Once A Love Poem!!

All of us give vent to our feelings.. and method which I prefer the most is writing poems!!
The poems I write are not at all rhyming but feelings that they contain are enormous. I would definitly love to read the comments on them and how to improve upon them..

The first poem i m going to write is a love poem which a lover writes for his life's dazzling damsel..
Here it goes..

gone r the days.... when i missed u..
actually now i m mad 'bout u....

gone r the days.... when i was desparate 'bout u..
actually now i m in love with u....

gone r the days.... when i thought 'bout u..
actually now u r always in my mind....

gone r the days.... when i considered u my love..
actually now i consider u my life....
* * * * *


  1. hey nice poem Mr. poet... :)
    i was not knwing thr is a poet hidden inside u....;)

  2. a poet at its best..

    gone are the days when was there was just persuations..
    but now these just roll in the hay..

    its creme de la creme...

  3. thanks parul and prateek.. for reading the blog.. any suggestions are highly recommended!!

  4. exotic wrds xpressing d true feeelngs of a lover....

    u seem romantic poet!!!!

  5. thanks aviral n namita for reading it.. m die hard romantic.. u know that avi vry well!! is'nt it??

  6. nice poem buddy.............
    extremely romantic one..... :)