Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A letter to you "my friend"...

Hey buddy!!

We met and it was destined. But if anytime destiny calls off our friendship.. m surely going to fight with it, simply because I cannot afford to lose a real precious gem of my life.

Do you remember how happy we both felt when we talked to each other.. do you remember how excited we got during our conversations that we even used to forget about the time.. do you remember the good times we had spent, the precious memories we possess and the countless fights we had.. they are all precious gifts to me.

The reason why I like you the most is not because you have always tried to help me out in every situation of life but because while doing anything I was always assured you will be there to help me.

My friend, have you ever realised why have I never asked you for a gift on my birthdays.. its just because you are the greatest gift of my life.

So cheer up, and say at the loudest volume of your voice.. "WE ROCK.. Yo!!" :)

K33p SM!L!NG


  1. thank u vaibhav tat was really very sweet....
    m very lucky to get a frnd lik u..u r one of d precious gift given to me... :)