Sunday, January 31, 2010

The most emabarassing moment of my life...

This happened while I was on my way to home from Delhi. I and my friend Prateek boarded a train to Lucknow. Compartment was AC so all windows were closed. (You will understand at last why I have included this line).
Earlier we were just two in the compartment when two ladies joined us. Journey gets really smooth when you are accompanied by some nice women around.
Boys are in a habit of talking aloud and high fiving each other when they have some ladies around.. to impress them or to woo them.. (I m not really sure why, but we do..) and we were no exceptions. Talking aloud we did the following conversation...

  • P--> Prateek
  • V--> Vaibhav (i.e. me)
  • M--> My fcking mind
  • L--> Lady (after she spoke no one else did..)

A lady sitting besides me was looking a bit interested in what we were talking:

  • P: We have really done a lot this sem.. right??
  • M: Ya fcker..!! I have just come up after screwing my exams.. nevermind there are ladies around..
  • V: Yaa, really too much.
  • P: I mean we have begun coding..!! wow..!!
  • M: Trying to impress women? Lets see who wins.. come on..!!
  • V: Yaah I never knew I'll beat you in TopCoder some day.. phew..
  • M: Yeah 1-0..
  • P: Arrey never mind I'll cope up soon.. it all started with Google Code Jam..
  • M: Uff he'll score now.. I was beaten there.. change the topic.. change the topic..
  • V: Yaah and then we met Shalin Sir.. wow.. what a geek..
  • P: Yaah we were so nervous that time.. ha ha.. (and he high fived)..!!
  • M: Shit man why didn't I get the idea about high fiving..!!
  • M: BTW why isn't the lady saying anything?? She is just watching us.. damn.. isn't she interested.. come on..!! break the ice..
  • P: Lets hope we do a lot better in the next sem..
  • M: Huh.. hope so.. otherwise we'll startup a "chai ki dukaan" soon..
  • V: Yaah hope so..
  • P: Chal yaar I m feeling tired.. gonna sleep..
  • M: What?? weren't you competing.. come on..and why isn't this lady saying anything.. break the ice.. plzz..
A while later when prateek was about to climb up:

  • L: But I will not be able to sleep tonight..
  • M: What?? O my God.. she is speaking gold..!! wow.. some deadly lines are about to come.. why won't she be able to sleep?? M I too sexy for her.. m gonna win.. m gonna win.. say it.. say it........
  • V: Why so?
  • L: Your socks are too smelly...

I... was dead.. even Prateek threw away his socks..


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anniversary of my Blog..!!

Starting at a serious note.. its my blog's anniversary.. so kindly stand up and clap for me, for regularly writing for a year.. :D

It was 23rd January 2009, when I wrote my first post and from then I have never stopped. Writing about 24 poems, 9 articles, 4 letters and manyother weird posts, this blog survived a year. Hope this carries on and I successfully keep frightening my readers(I know there are'nt many) with my writeups. ;)

Being a good writer(as I suppose myself to be) posting in this blog has always been a pleasure for me. My poems(genuinally mine!!) are my priced possessions. I love them as hell, no matter how much hillarious they might appear to you.

So, resting the celebration of my blog's anniversary, I cut my blah blah.. And yeah thanks for the "standing applause" you gave, I loved it.. :p

Edit: I tried to keep this post under the tag "VaibhavSays" but could not resist myself and tagged it as "something weird" too.. :D

* * * * *

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A day at the roof top..

Sitting on the roof top,
hanging my legs in air,
I felt the cold breeze,
and sweet smell everywhere.

In this tension-free life,
I calmly breathed in and out,
with a cold beer in hand,
and no one else to think about.

With a blank mind,
I watched the sky "plain-blue",
heard the chirping birds,
as if they wanna say something to you.

I was praying to God,
for a life this calm,
when my mother shouted,
"would studying a bit makes any harm??"

* * * * *

Friday, January 8, 2010

No need of drugs.. when there's MuSiC!!

Here are some 25 songs(western and eastern) which form my undeletable playlist..
  • ``Teri yaadein`` by Ninad (Love Story-Sab TV Program)
  • ``Stop This Train`` by John Mayer (Continuum)
  • ``I stand Alone`` by GodSmack (Faceless)
  • ``Time Of Your Life`` by Green Day (American Idiot)
  • ``I m Yours`` by Jason Mraz (We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things)
  • ``Bichar Ke Bhee`` by The Call (Jilawatan)
  • ``Chicken Fried`` by Zac Brown (The Foundation)
  • ``O Sanam`` by Lucky Ali (Sunoh)
  • ``Hero`` by Enrique Iglesias (Escape)
  • ``I will not Bow`` by Breaking Benjamin (Dear Agony)
  • ``Ik Din Aaega`` by Jal (Aadat)
  • ``Somebody's me`` by Enrique Iglesias (Do You Know)
  • ``Toes`` by Zac Brown (The Foundation)
  • ``Don't Stay`` by Linkin Park (Meteora)
  • ``Diary of Jane`` by Breaking Benjamin (Phobia)
  • ``Tum Se Hi`` by Mohit Chauhan (Jab We Met)
  • ``Yellow`` by Coldplay (Yellow)
  • ``You are Beautiful`` by James Blunt (Back To Bedlam)
  • ``Crawl Back in`` by (Dead by Sunrise)
  • ``Humsafar`` by Silk Route
  • ``Luka Chuppi`` by A R Rehman (RDB)
  • ``Turn The Page`` by Metallica (Garage Inc.)
  • ``One Step Closer`` by linkin Park (Meteora)
  • ``Cry`` by Mandy Moore (A Walk To Remember)
  • ``Lithium`` by Nirvana (Nevermind)
* * * * *