Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why can't I??

Why can't I be so special as Niel Armstrong?
Landing on a territory where no one else has ever been...

Why can't I be so special as Bapu?
Giving my countrymen freedom to live their dreams...

Why can't I be so special as Mother Teresa?
Teaching every one how to give others a smile...

Why can't I be so special as Elvis Presley?
Entering into everyones heart...

Why can't I be so special as my father?
Making my own road to success...

Who says I can't be special?
Even if I don't have anything special, 
may be this is the thing that makes me special...!!
* * * * *


  1. who told u tat u r not special?? ask the ppl who r close to u n they'll tel wat u mean to them...

    god tumhare saath rehkar main bhi philosophical baaten karne lagi..;)

  2. nice parul.. one day i'll prove myself for sure.. accha hai.. hum sab philosophy aiveyi padh daalenge.. :)

  3. yaar pandey...yeh poetry ka chaska kha se lga... wel dis hidden talent is out nw..u rock buddy through ur wrds.

    u r vry spl to a rumy a frn..
    sply teaching me hw to smyl...

  4. yaar ek poem mere liye bhi likh diyo..

  5. hey mr poet....u seem to be very versatile in your poems..

  6. @aviral
    thanks for ur comments buddy.. abki poem saare frns ke liye bhi hogi theek.... :)