Monday, October 20, 2014

No need of drugs.. when there's MuSiC - 5

So, I am back again with the list of 10 songs I have been listening for past one year. Every year in October I try to collect songs from my playlist and put them together in one post. If you wish to go through the previous four (sorry five!) posts you can visit the following links:

  • "Hey Jude" by The Beatles
  • "Bitter Sweet Symphony" by The Verve
  • "Chop Suey!" by System of a Down
  • "Dragula" by Rob Zombie
  • "Getting away with Murder" by Papa Roach
  • "Patience" by Guns n' Roses
  • "Susie Q" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • "Tears don't fall" by Bullet for my Valentine
  • "Teenage wasteland" by The Who
  • "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam

And this one's a consolation, the best concert performance ever.. "Kashmir" by Alice in Chains: 

* * * * *

Monday, October 13, 2014

Life @ MAQ Software

What started three years back with shopping of a new cell phone followed by a Goan trip just ended with another Goan trip, however, the mobile now has its screen shattered :-| Shit happens!

It started three years back with a bootcamp when we used to take advantage of being in the last cubicle and sleep like a log whenever we got opportunity. Sometimes when we were caught we had to straighten our chairs and open our ear drums to start listening what "ajgar" was hissing about. We also learned many telugu words, such as "niyakka de***" and made my Hyderabadi friends know what "kaddu katega sab me batega" means. These were the bootcamp days - fun, masti, great learning, loads of assignments, unbelievable deadlines, first salary and what not! 

As far as attaining a social life is concerned it's pretty easy for a good table-tennis player - one or two smashes and you've rightly earned respectful place of a teacher! While I moved up in the pecking order and became a TT champ in 2012, I earned more friends than foes at office. Kaka, Arun, Rakesh, Ankit were real great competitors (in that order) who also became great friends. 

I spent most of these three years with bhaiee and baba as flatmates. Numerous laughs we had, numerous trips we went, car journeys, bike challans :P, I may never forget. In fact, I would not take a second to say that I found a friend for lifetime :)

Hyderabad is a cool place (not literally !). Weather is awesome especially from September to January. "Dhoop se paseena nahi hota, na loo lagti hai", in that sense it differs from that of North. People here are so down to I don't know what that you would never know the person sitting adjacent to you is actually a billionare. Such is the simplicity that I never wanted to leave this place but, alas!, life moves on.

So finally moving away from friends and this beautiful place. A long way ahead and a lot more path to build.

PS: This article is about my personal experience at MAQ and not a company review.

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