Saturday, July 24, 2010


Breaking the prison,
I will fly,
sky will be the limit,
high and high.

I'll win over the sun,
I'll win over every star,
I'll enlighten every soul,
far and far.

Melting the seed,
I will grow,
tearing the earth,
more and more.

To shadow my family,
and to shadow all,
I'll grow huge,
tall and tall.

This is my ambition,
and this is my aim,
to attain excellence,
power and fame.

* * * * *

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sneak peak into my past life-- Twitter

Some people hate to look back in their past. Don't know "why and whatever" of it, but I like it the most. I love looking back into my life and reliving some of the most cherished moments once again.

Just few hours before I was reading my previous tweets (or the micorblogs - as they are popularly known as). Reading all of them wasn't an easy task dude.. they have crossed a thousand mark..!! Never mind.. m obsessed of looking into my past again and again.. so, the thing never bugs me. So, here I m listing some of them.. and the story behind those tweets.. :)

(50 out of my 1163 tweets)..

it looks as a fucked up version of facebook.. yuk!! (7:32 AM Jun 15th, 2009)
-->The first one. Coined twitter as something I wouldn't like.. but I was wrong dude.. m a heavy tweeter now.. :)

Top coder today!! Fake ID already made!! :D (8:01 PM Sep 9th, 2009)
-->This was my first ever match on topcoder. Never knew would end up playing so many SRM's (and mind you I haven't given it up still). The fake ID I made became my regular one as it is my name..!! :P

lost TT.. lost CS.. juss won doubles.. fuck whosoever says "it does'nt matter u win or lose it matters if u participate".. it really pains (11:13 PM Sep 21st, 2009)
-->And here comes the "LOSER PANDEY".. :P

ahhh.. what a releif.. no TGMC.. no headache!!! (Mon Oct 05 2009 21:28:15)
--> Thought of leaving behind the TGMC(The Greatest Mind Challenge) project by IBM for the coding stuff and mind you.. it has paid me back a lot. Some of the wisest decisions of my life.

#threewordsaftersex where's the condom ?? :P (12:07 AM Nov 8th, 2009)
--> And here comes the "PERVERT PANDEY"

i love errata..!!!! :) (7:15 PM Nov 9th, 2009)
--> Made questions for the competition. A combined by me, Prateek and Shivam for NCS. Got an overwhelming response. Loved that day for sure..!!

hey all... if retweet is a function then try.. retweet(retweet).. :p (8:50 PM Nov 18th, 2009 )
--> And here comes the "TECHNICAL PANDEY"

a li'l brooming in my room.. done by me..!! ;) (9:34 PM Nov 21st, 2009)
-->Really a day to remember for all. I broomed just once in a sem.. I tweeted about it, this makes the tweet precious and preservable..!! :P

huhh.. wasted my 1hr 31 mins.. thats why I hate watching muvees before inquiring 'bout them a bit... (2:25 AM Nov 22nd, 2009)
--> Really hate watching movies which give me a feeling.. "Dude you fucked up your 3 hrs..!!".. I need to explore about the film before watching. (and not talkin about the xxx.. yeah.. I can watch any of them.. :) )

i still love table tennis.. ;) (9:15 PM Nov 27th, 2009)
--> Here comes a tweet for my first love.. Table Tennis. It's been six years playing it.. yet, I still have the same amount of place for it in my heart as I had for it at the very first time..!!

my new crush: Ashlee Simpson..!! ;) (7:57 PM Dec 8th, 2009)
--> So many months gone.. but yeah she remains my bebo..!! Most attractive feature being the eyes.. (My blog isn't the adult one otherwise I would have loved to share about other features too :P ). Loved her song "Pieces of me".. love to hear it again and again..!!

words k33p comin again nd again..`` "I dun wanna face the world,.. I juss wanna leave it colder..!!" `` (6:44 PM Dec 15th, 2009 )
--> And here comes the "MUSICAL PANDEY"

library.. yeah feels grr8..!!! nice gals.. :p (5:46 AM Dec 22nd, 2009)
--> My life at JSS has very less occassions of me goin to library or even seeing it. But if I do see it.. there might be gals in it..!! :) (Pervy)

the day this sem exam gets over m gonna watch.. "avatar", "3 idiots", "assasin creed", "new moon", "planet 51" ..... X-( (11:01 PM Dec 23rd, 2009)
--> And here comes the "FRUSTATED PANDEY"

DADUUSRCFOEFIE, MCDCCOWS, RHTDMSF, AObOwPIC, SPOFCCD .. well formed shorties..!! :D (2:28 AM Dec 28th, 2009)
--> Formed some nice shortcuts for remembering answers of IEPM. Still can't figure out.. why the technical students need to study subjects like IEPM or OB..? :-/

m i high?? :p (9:10 AM Jan 13th)
--> 13th Jan 2010?? Ya dude you were..!! :P

@jbernadas_tc: u r soon to become red again..!! congo.. (7:59 AM Jan 19th )
--> By that time I made up some very good twitter mates.. like, Jorge Bernadas (Venezuela), Youseff Gamil (Egypt), Rizwan Hudda (India), Shalin Mangar (India), Vijay Chidambaram (India).

another thing to f*ck up your time.. (9:14 PM Jan 28th)
--> Ha ha.. really.. it slowly becomes your habit to omegle now n then. Now-a-days it even supports videos..!! Mayank introduced me to this site and has really gripped upon me.. would definitely right a post about it in future.

"A true computer programmer is someone who, when told to 'Go to Hell', sees the 'go to', rather than the destination, as harmful." :) (9:36 AM Feb 2nd)
--> Some of my favourite humourous quotes..!!

get busy living or get busy dying..!! shashank redemption still rules..!! (12:54 AM Feb 4th)
--> Shawshank Redemption is the favourite movie of mine. The dialogues, screenplay, acting, story, thrill, narration and the end are all gripping. Some fantabulous movie. Watched it n(th) time..!!

searched a lot.. found 2 novels worth reading.. "to kill a mocking bird" by harper lee and "old man & the sea" by ernest hemingway #books (Mon Feb 08 2010 12:45:45)
--> The first book is still kept in the download section.. :P.. the second one.. I slept after reading first few pages.. Books are a real turn offs..

sankalan: "debug++" #fail .. "algoholics" #fail .. "who dares win" #fail .. code'em@nite #fail .. :(( (6:28 AM Feb 20th)
--> Lost in all competitions at Sankalan (DU Computer Fest). It was second time in a row..! That day was a real upset.

sometimes when I m free I google myself.... literally..!! (Thu Feb 25 2010 01:02:38)
--> For more information click here.. :)

nearly lost my mobile today..!! God!! thanks to the balle-balle owner.. (7:08 AM Feb 27th)
--> The day was really horrible. While coming from the barber's shop, the mobile fall off from my pocket. Tensed a lot but at last daddy came for rescue.. Balle-balle owner returned it from one of its employee. I still have that mobile. The nicest gift by daddy..!

just made @pgdcracker and @_mansoor suck at AOE.. i won.. yeah..!! (3:47 AM Mar 4th)
--> And here comes the "VICTORIOUS PANDEY"

Completed an assignment for the first time in my college life.. al by myself.. :p .. #OMGfacts (Sun Mar 07 2010 14:12:32)
--> All for my crush.. my faculty Ruchi Aggarwal. She wasn't that cute,, neither very gorgeous.. yet I liked the attitude which she carried with her everywhere. At that time I could have done anything to impress her.. :P

man..!! itni tez bhukh to zindagi me aaj tak nahi lagi.. :(.. (10:04 AM Mar 12th)
--> And here comes the "BHUKHA PANDEY"

i donno why but #ilovetwitter too.. (2:59 AM Mar 18th)
--> Finally on this very day, I started loving Twitter..!!

it was fun to watch war of "Bands" and war of "codes" goin parallely.. #zealicon10 literally rocked..!! (7:20 AM Mar 21st )
--> Zealicon '10 was a blast. The third techno-cult fest of our college. The code-war event clashed with Metallica (the war of bands). Nevermind, the two have never shared common crowd except me. I loved experiencing both of them.

zealicon.. lansdown.. adventure island.. we are on party high..!! :D (7:27 AM Mar 27th)
--> And here comes the "ADVENTUROUS PANDEY"

jss comes way way ahead of other insti of UPTU.. i came that to know last nite.. their knowledge of c++ really sucks (10:36 PM Apr 2nd)
--> Went to AKG's techfest "Trishna". It was really depressing. They created mockery of their own competition. Played music in middle of the ongoing coding competition. To add to our miseries, they didn't even know the "abc" of c++.

sessional update: ruchi.. u detained me?? arrey I detain you from my whole life.. X-( (2:50 AM Apr 6th)
--> The first and only sessional I was detained in. Ruchi broke my heart and I pledged "saala, koi sessional du na du.. ye to zaroor dunga..!". Killing all my self-respect I wrote an apology letter and later gave the sessional and secured some tremendous marks. My love to Ruchi ma'am was resuscitated by her when she told it was'nt her who detained me.. it was the CS Dept. :)

At my worship place.. just near the pic of Hanuman and Shiva there's a pic of Sachin too... #ipl #sachin (6:31 AM Apr 11th)
--> First he scored 200 in ODI and then he took MI through to the finals of IPL. He is the living legend. No doubt why he's called the "Master Blaster".

ye mummy ka pyaar.. aur pet kharab..!! waah re tanhaai.. (7:41 PM Apr 13th )
--> Loads of food and loads of love rain whenever I reach home and the result is that my stomach wears out or my tongue starts getting blisters. All through these three years it has been happening.. its quite a normal phenomenon now.. :P

it was the first time in any engineering class that a concept was explained to us taking #savitabhabhi as an example.. AI rocks..!! #rofl (12:13 AM Apr 23rd)
--> Ha ha.. ya I remember that when our AI faculty taught us about a family tree (while teaching us PROLOG). She suddenly wrote a name on board Savita and a relative to her who called him Savita Bhabhi..!! Girls found it quite normal while the boys had to supress their laughter. We, the backbenchers, could laugh it all loud.. don't know what happened to the frontbenchers.. :P

its hillarious, how we download our mini project and then take hours to understand it.. :P (3:01 AM Apr 25th )
--> Copied the project "Packet sniffer" and learnt lots of commands of Visual C++. Still remember how Pinaki screwed us the next day, "I can explain your project better"..!!

i wanna hammer every faculty individually..!! except Ruchi ofcourse.. :) (Fri Apr 30 2010 15:56:13 )
--> Here comes the "DIWANA PANDEY"

sessional k baad inna FB karta hu ki saala server down ho jaata hai..!! (9:58 PM May 5th )
--> Three consecutive days of miseries and then on the last day I just open my lappy and start social-networking, the thing I know the best..!1 B-)

why is the hold world spinning???? :O (6:37 AM May 8th)
--> "hold world???"... Ya man.. you are again high..!!

gonna play AOE.. shudn't I b studying?? (2:07 AM May 9th )
--> After Counter Strike came the era of AOE LAN Gaming. Played day and night with friends, made strategies, counter attacked and did everything to survive. No doubt I was the best among friends one of the worst on world..!!

life is too small to do something you hate.. #quotes (9:28 AM May 16th via web)
--> Here comes the "THOUGHTFUL PANDEY"

reached 17.8 in SPOJ.. #spoj #in (10:35 PM May 25th)
--> The time I and Prateek started coding at SPOJ, JSS was down at 400 rank. We coded and breached numerous levels of SPOJ. JSS came on position 130 and on this day I scored 17.8 points. This made me one of the top 700 coders of the world..!!

technical head @ NCS ;) (2:20 AM Jun 9th)
--> Anything else to say?? My hard work I put in Nibble Computer Society afterall paid off..!! :)

sumtimes i wish i cud destroy lappy and throw it in garbage bag..!! arrrrghhhh.. DVD writer #fail , charger #fail , fan #fail (7:41 PM Jun 12th)
--> Keep aside the hardware problems, to worsen my life I have started getting some software probs too. The OS is damn slow now. and why not.. when you have IIS server, WAMP server, DB2 server, Apache server, eclipse, android emulator, photoshop, 100 tabs on chrome and blah blah blah.. all running at the same time??

koi train khali hai ya phir se tatkal..?? grrrr (12:49 AM Jun 17th)
-->Here comes the "FRUSTATED PANDEY"

swimming seems gud until drops of water don't get into ur ears.. :P.. yet a nice experience..!! (6:49 AM Jun 27th)
--> My first swimming experience at sam's place. Loved it too much..!!

into my new humble abode..!! luvin it.. :=) (11:35 PM Jul 8th)
--> Finally got myself a flat..!! It was the very first day.. hence i was loving the change buut slowly and gradually the flat has started showing it's real face. Nvermind, it's better than hostel atleast..!!

opened my diary and saw an old quote: "it's not what enters men's mouth that's evil, it's what comes out of their mouth that is.." #quotes (9:11 PM Jul 10th)
--> It was from the book, "Alchemist". Some lines touch me so much that I write them up. Writing things at an approachable place make me read them again and again. These lines are one of the favourite quotes of mine.

355 friends on FB.. 322 friends on Orkut.. 75 connections on LinkedIn.. m i that friendly..? :P #wtf (10:11 AM Jul 13th)
--> And here comes the "SOCIAL PANDEY"

according to random stats my projected rating at topcoder in 2014.. 3464.. my say.. "wtf" #wtf #topcoder (10:51 AM Jul 13th)
--> And here comes the "HILLARIOUS PANDEY"

* * * * *