Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Evil.. evil that is necessary

Madara Uchiha

It was war.. it was war that made great Ninja nations to fraternize.. to fraternize against evil.. against evil named Madara Uchiha.. Madara, who had enough resources to spread iniquity and injustice throughout the world.. the world that was divided, full of "easy-to-conquer" battling nations.. the nations, which then united for attaining peace, for fighting evil.. the evil that was necessary.

...(Reel life example: Naruto)

It was war.. it was war that made foes and taciturns allies.. to ally against Axis powers.. Axis powers that had Italy, Japan and Germany.. Germany that was controlled by evil fuhrer.. fuhrer whose name was Adolf Hitler.. Hitler, who had unconscionable plans to destroy all western powers, who was paragon of misanthropy, who was evil.. evil that was necessary.

...(Real life example: World War 2)

For progress, we need imperfection.. for an 'early-bright', we need a night full of darkness.. for genesis, we need disaster.. for good to prevail, we need evil to rise.

P.S. I sometimes become too emotional/philosophical after watching Naruto.. Naruto, my hero :)

* * * * *