Sunday, July 29, 2012


नीले रंग से रंगा 
ये कोरा कागज़ 
और इसके नीचे 
बस चलता जा रहा .. मैं

* * * * *

Sunday, July 15, 2012

You are just five videos away from being a genius at Tennis

Ok.. I admit that the title is misleading because even after watching all these videos m still playing horrifying tennis but reading further is no harm for sure.

It was July 7, when an idea of playing lawn tennis creeped in my mind. In no time, I and my friend Anup rushed and bought two tennis rackets of 'Head'. Just after one hour of play it was clear to us that we suck at this big time !! Serving in correct court or executing a two handed back hand were like distant dreams, we couldn't even grip our rackets properly.

So, to alleviate my pain I planned to learn tennis online.. yeah m an IT guy :P. The next day I went through plethora of videos and found the below ones quite simple, straight and educative. Watch and learn, but please don't become complacent, we still need a hell lot of practice (please note that I have already confessed about the title :P)

First Video: The grip

Second Video: The forehand

Here's a nice example in slow motion: Andre Agassi

Third Video: The backhand

Here's a nice example of two handed backhand in slow motion: Serena Williams

.. and a one handed backhand by Tommy Haas

Fourth Video: The volley

Fifth Video: The Serve

Here's a nice example in slow motion: Andy Roddick

* * * * *