Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A jobless mind..

  • " What a name.. 'Agarkar'.. a perfect conditional statement: 'Agar(if) Kar(then)'. "
  • " What if we lose all our technologies and live in a 'technology-less' world?? "
  • " I love you Ashlee :) "
  • " What the hell.. I haven't seen a movie since last month..!! "
  • " Which team to back?? My love resides in RR.. I reside in DD.. My fav players are in MI and DC.. #IPL-2010 "
  • " What if Shinoda parts off from LP to form his own band?? "
  • " Sania is wrong.. no Indo-Pak marriage has ever been successful. "
  • " No dude.. Obama sucks..!! "
  • " I'll definitely start studying from tomorrow.. hmmm.. night... hmmm.. "
If these statements come to your mind often, congratulations.. you are amongst us.. "VELLA"..!! And the height of vellapanti is achieved when you think..
  • " M thinking of writing a blog post.. hmmmm "

:D :D :D :D :D