Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why does it always rain on me...

No.. no.. m not writing this post to discuss the song "why does it always rain on me" by Travis. Actually here I m expressing my anger against the Indian education system which has always been unfair towards me, hence the title.. :P

I was promoted to class 10th and was really very very enthusiastic to give my first ever board examination, when the first time education system went on with its deplorable act. It changed the entire course..!! All previous year papers, study material, even the social science books became obsolete. All we could do was to fire arrows in the dark. Khair, I managed to score some decent score in subjects and passed with a decent percentage. I m proud to say that our batch made the way to glory, a bit more clear for our juniors.

On entering class 12th I was happy that I ditched fate and this time there was no course change in our curriculum. But Hala-Lu-ya.. fate had decided something else..!! The entire IIT entrance examination pattern was changed.. to add some more salt to wounds it was made a fuckin 6 hrs examination..!! Man.. who the hell can bear so much pressure for so many hours.. I was surprised to see some fuckin crappy pattern questions like :- match the following, more than one correct answer questions and blah blah blah..

Khair I dropped a year and showed guts to prepare for such an examination. Fate didn't like it either. The next year pattern was changed again.. and this time the duration of test was reduced to two three hours paper and questions of basic level. What the hell..!! I prepared a whole year how to solve some ass kicking questions and at the end what m I getting..?? Khair, never a bead of liquid showed on my forehead and I went on to face life.

As I got admission in JSS I knew beforehand some mishappening would take place..!! Hala-Lu-ya.. I was right..!! Placements in third year got prohibited.. it meant all companies will recruit only the fourth year chaps..!! A placement in third year itself gives a student a wide span of things to try in his final year of course. By wide span I m indicating towards the preparation for post-graduation or honing some specific skills to get into some big industries.

I thought it was enough. Nothing more could happen, but fate again accepted my challenge and this time brutally kicked my ass off. The final result of engineering included 25% marks of first year, 50% marks of second, 75 % of third and 100% of the final. But UPTU suddenly (or I should say "deliberately".. :-/ ) changed its mind and made the final year comprise of each year's 100% marks. My second year's massti will always pay me dearly.. :( It has alone brought my overall percentage to new lowers level.

To add some salt to my wound fate played its chance again. Some new IITs and NITs have got opened.. state quota in AIEEE exam has been abolished.. students securing 24K rank in AIEEE exam are getting insti, what I couldn't get at 9K..!! The onsite counselling which was the greatest pain of my ass just got eradicated.. you need just an internet connection at your home to select your insti.

My father always says to me "Beta sona jitna tapta hai utna aur chamakta hai".. I tell him then.. "Aur kitna tapu.. ab to me light bhi marne laga hu daddy..!!".. :D

"WHY DOES IT ALWAYS RAIN ON ME..???" still figuring out...

* * * * *

Friday, June 11, 2010

3rd year @ JSS

With the end of cool summer vacations I entered into the third year of my college life.
At the very first G.I.N.G.E.R got a shock.. it got dispersed. Samarpit and Prashant went away to live in a "70K" flat.. with three balconies ofcourse.. :p.. Sid went away, after being my roomie for two long years, to another flat.. not that luxurious though :D. The left ones in the hostel were me, Aviral and the three Bhasadis (Ashu, Chacha, Shubham). Khair life went on with a steady start.

I became a hell lot technical. I donno from where I got that vibe but I did start coding..!! It all started with Google Code Jam 2009 and went on to Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) and finally to Topcoder. Wow..!! I never thought of becoming something like that.. phew.!! Never mind..

Commencement of such technical stuff never meant an end to our parties. A night out at Sam's flat was a rememberable one. I tell you, dancing and singing at the 13th floor really rocks..!! After the fifth sem examination the whole Ginger group reunited for a grand meet at Auto Expo '10. Not only cars but ladies took away our hearts too.. ;)

Didn't have all my friends on my b'day this time but surely not missed the "GPL".. Nibble came up with one more feather in its cap, as Zealicon 2010 was a great success. It became the first "techno-cult" fest in history of JSS. Bought a "Zealicon tagged" T-shirt for its remembrance.
By my surprise, it was not my "bhasadi" group that took me for a trip but it was a bunch of technos.. named "Nibblites"..!! Went to Lancedown (a hill station in Uttaranchal). Puked two times during the journey yet it was rememberable. Hanuman temple.. scenic beauty.. Bhalla Lake.. tracking expedition.. abondoned church.. three gals ;).. tip-in-point.. Tadkeshwar Mandir.. overall a nice trip.

Prateek and I went to AKG's fest Trishna.. Coding event sucked..!! Anyways, the old history repeated itself.. we didn't win, but this time, we were a bit satisfied with our performance. Afterall coding for so many months paid..!!

Sixth sem exams came and gone as a wind.. yaa a hot-hot wind.. :(.. Last Ginger meet of the sem happened on 31st May as my b'day treat.. ya, I gave the treat after three long months.. :P.. It happens when all your friends become hell a lot career conscious and start studying.. :P
Khair 3rd yr is over.. Now, waiting for summers 2010.. some hectic days are about to come..

* * * * *