Friday, November 20, 2009

She's a gud gal.. m a bad guy..!!

She wakes up praying,
thinking of her aims and her lifestyle,
I wake up falling from bed,
scratching my head in style..

She starts her day,
having a smile on her face,
I start my day brushing,
and bathing at immense pace.

Staring in the mirror,
she admires her beauty,
when I do the same,
mirror says " ley main tuti!!".. :(

She loves drinking,
a coffee too pleasant,
I prefer taking booze,
a life's pain repallant.

She easily manages herself,
and everything around her,
I prefer making messy things,
a hell lot messier.

I know, she and me,
are a poles apart,
i m dumb and,
she is hell lot smart.

But remember my love,
north is incomplete without south,
we together make a complete magnet,
I LOVE YOU is now what I shout... :)

* * * * *

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A perfect night out...

A few nights before, me n my friends enjoyed a perfect night out. I got to face the implacable fun in life. I can never understand how loners live their life.. but to me, a life without friends is a life without memories. So, here's an impeccable write about a night out...

  • 9 friends.. (I had Samarpit, Ashutosh, Shubham, Prashant, Mansoor, Yash, Vipul, Pramod, Rohit)
  • 6 booze bottles.. (. ..\m/.. .)
  • 2 Guitars..
  • 2 Guitarists.. (I had one for lead and one for playback)
  • A room at 8th floor of building
  • A roof at 13th floor
  • Enter the friend's house with all mates.
  • 10 guys together and BC starts automatically.
  • Chatar matar and hello.. its time to cheers.. \m/.. ;)
  • Being a bit high.. start singing.. the guitarists will back the group.
  • Don't give a f*ck about neighbours.. shout at top of the voices.
  • Sing rock, then pop, then the B. Tech. ones.. :p
  • Ahh hell, booze gone man!! Time for dinner..!!
  • After dinner, hit the 13th floor (roof top).
  • This time a cold wind hits and the group goes a bit emotional. :D
  • Guitarists play a pleasant tune. Now its the turn for the ones who have their GF's and the ones who are still trying.. :p
  • Some recite poem.. some sing a song.. some dance as hell.. some hear silently.. and some juss puke..!! (being a bit boozed out.. :D)
  • After lots of talks, lots of enjoyment.. slowly everyone starts moving back to the room.
At the End:
  • Warm hugs and fall down to sleep.
  • A group moves out for "night walk".. :p
  • Walk down the lane, dancing, singing, listening music.. and back to hostel..!!
A night to cherish.. a night to remember..

* * * * *