Saturday, July 4, 2015

Big Bang and Big Crunch

I have just completed devouring "The brief history of time" and, hence, continued with my campaign of non-stop book reading this year. After "God Delusion", "Outliers" and "Open" this becomes my fourth book this year. To boost the campaign further, I have now started reading "Scion of Ikshvaku" by Amish which might be followed by "Jaya Mahabharata". I hope my campaign's fuel doesn't exhaust and I complete around 10 books by year end. Reading is fun, writing is cool too. See, just two seconds before while thinking what to write I have just set a year-end target for myself ;)

The book, brief history of time, is full of information, right from beginning of universe till its end. The entire book is focussed on searching principals of a grand unified theory which combines the philosophy of Quantum Mechanics and General Theory of Relativity. I am dead sure this book provides todays scientists a clean target to aim at.

However, this post is not a book review. I am too puny to review a book written by a person as great as Stephen Hawking. This post is about the seed of a story plot that sprouted in my mind while reading the book. It happened when I was in the last chapter "Arrow of time" and was reading about days during Big Crunch.

We all know that a Big Bang happened billions of years ago which is how our universe came into being. It was so big ass explosion that universe is expanding since then. However, Mr. Hawking explains that it won't keep on expanding forever. There might come a time when the speed of expansion becomes zero and then becomes negative, that is, universe starts to collapse. It may be that universe collapses back to the same infinite density state which exploded in the beginning. We call that process as Big Crunch. With all this information, it appears that the infinite density universe will explode again and all this keeps on repeating.

Now, since one part of the background is set, I’ll move onto the other. The second part of the background is the theory of multiverse. Our universe is not just the only one. There are multiple other universe that exist in parallel with our universe. Hence, multiverse! All these universes experience their own Big Bang and Big Crunch now and then.

Now let us move on to the plot. The story revolves around two people - a scientist and an archaeologist. The archaeologist, while carrying out an excavation near Kurukshetra, finds few ancient things which belong to Mahabharata era and submits them to the scientist's lab. However, the objects are so pre historic that even carbon dating doesn't work on them. It appears as if they existed even before time began! Scientist hence combines all the theories and come to a conclusion that Mahabharata happened in our universe during some other Big Bang and Big Crunch phase. With this evidence, the scientist discovers both of the aforementioned phenomenon (multiverse and big bang-big crunch repetitive cycles) and, in addition to that, he also invents a machine that can travel to other universes.

Scientist tries to convince the archaeologist but all efforts go in vain. Hence, as a final effort, he decides to travel with the archaeologist in a universe which is undergoing a Big Crunch phase.

Upon reaching the other universe they find that everything is just the replica of our universe. It is sort of a parallel universe but just quite ahead of us. They also learn that Big Bang and Big Crunch repetitions can be saved by people with a special DNA. However, whole of their race was killed lots of years ago during a war, guess what, Mahabharata! Yes, the people who could save that cycle of Big Bang and Big Crunch were Kauravas.

Hence, now archaeologist and scientist both travel to a universe where the period of Mahabharata is going on. Later after lots of tactics, fights and education, they happen to save the war. Race of Kauravas in that universe, hence, live up to Big Crunch phase and devise a mechanism with help of their DNA which saves Big Bang and Big Crunch cycle. Multiverse breaks and one universe gets formed which lives forever.

Please don’t call me another Chetan Bhagat in making! The story, as already stated, is just like a recently sprouted seed. I accept that parts of it seem laughable and childish and some parts seem irrelevant. However, the idea of combining science and mythology should make a great story if refined properly. That is, give this freshly sprouted seed a little water, a little sun and find a full grown tree with huge canopy in no time ;) Cheers !

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