Friday, October 23, 2009

A letter to my Dad on his B'day..

Dear daddy,

A very very happy b'day to you. On this very special day I want you to have a smile by some of my very very special words.
I know every child says that he wants to follow his father's footsteps but I literally mean it. I still remember, in my childhood days, how eagerly I took your shaving kit to try it out on my face as soon as you completed shaving. Its just a cute and short example of how much idealistic you meant and still mean to me. Father you are the role model of my life..

Starting from a small village you came out with flying colors. Graduating from BHU-IT, the institute of which the students dream, you built a reputation in society. I will find myself at the seventh heaven if anyday I even touch the level of respect you hold here in the society.

You are not my role model just because of your achievements in life but because of your most lovable fatherly attitude too. I still remember how you stood besides me for complete 6 hours UPTU counselling, just to help me out. I still remember how many inspirational stories you told to me and didi, so that we can build our own personality. Daddy, you have always been a helping hand to me throughout my life. Not only to me but to our whole family you have proved to be a protective shield. I pledge I'll never dissapoint you by any act of mine throughout my life.

Daddy its not the exaggeration of what I m going to say but if one day I get even 2% of your principles, I'll consider my life a success.

Your beloved son

"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad."

* * * * *

Monday, October 19, 2009

2nd yr @ JSS

With the advancement of third sem, i donno from where, a feeling of seniority plugged into me. Ragging juniors, making them do my assignments, bulling them in every respect gave me immense amount of pleasure. I know.. I know its wrong but even we had been through all this ragging stuff.. and its not that bad.. ;)

Ragging was our primary job, attending classes being the secondary one. Bunking so many classes sometimes made me get worried of being detained from sessionals.. but the time never came from God's grace. Academics was a thing I was least concerned. The only thing I was concerned with were my coding skills. I honed them whenever I got time.

The Hostel Night was a bit sad without sid, avi, rahul and many other friends. Actually, a fight took place between the 4th yr seniors and our batch. 4th yr beat a 2nd yr one and we replied back on a large scale. Many of our friends boycotted the hostel night.. yet we remained. Though enjoyed yet missed our friends a lot. Nevertheless, danced till 4:30 a.m. this time.. :)

This was the sem when I became a bit serious about my career and decided to join the Nibble Computer Society of our college. I got selected and it was a biggy..!! Sitting among the highly technical bandas of our college was a thing to feel "yo" about..!! :D

Meanwhile my "bhasadi" group was making a big-big plan. We went for a trip to jaipur in dec just after the sem. I can explain the whole trip in just one word.. SPEECHLESS!!..
Deluxe Bus- mountains- Amber Fort- Elephants- Jaigarh Fort- Biggest Cannon- Beautiful Sight- City Palace- Thali House- Jal Mahal- Nagarh Fort- Full Jaipur Sight- RDB Point... huh.. amazing..

Khair at last, all masti paid me badly and I screwed up my academics. Percentage were so low that I can't even mention them here.. :(.. Thinking "koi na.. next time".. I entered the fourth sem.

I and Prateek went to "Sankalan" techfest, only to lose again. We returned back, honed our programming skills.. he started calling me world coder number 1 and I called him world coder number 2.. After a few days.. guess what.. world coder number 2 crore and 2 crore 1.. "Back to tapori ishtyle.." :D

Second year ended with a small increase in marks.. Lots of masti in both the years.. now its gotta be serious..!!

* * * * *

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1st yr @ JSS

Ya.. I know its a bit late for me to write 'bout my first year days. Yet its better to be late than never. So, here I m to rekindle my memories of first year. Here I start with my "BLAH BLAH".. ;)

After a long, tiring era of 19 years in school and coaching I entered a beautiful world of JSS. I dreamt of some better colleges previously but.. fate is fate. Many of my seniors suggested to take a flat with friends yet I decided to take the hostel. "Kaun saala flat ke pachde me pade yaar". :D

It has always been a case with me that I m never deprived of friends. JSS Boys Hostel was no exception. As I entered the hostel I formed a group of eight friends (later called GINGER). We walked anywhere and everywhere together. The only thing we feared the most were our seniors. My first confrontation with ragging came just a few days after. It was just a verbal one which took a vigorous u-turn when the seniors took me and my friends to a barbers' shop and trimmed our heads with a size '0' machine. Mind you, size '0' waist may look awesome on a gal but size '0' hairstyle can make a guy jump into a deep well. :(
Nevertheless, getting "Find of the Tournament" in the Hostel Table-Tennis Competition worked as a pain-killer but a 'full-of-pleasure' Hostel-Night, was even better. Rain dance till 2:30 a.m. was a thing to remember. I never knew before that day that even I can behave like a junglee. Shouting at top of our voice we made it our day.

As the time passed, ragging lost its intensity and my so called 'Bhasadi' group started its expeditions. Hell a lot of parties, hell a lot of night outs, hell a lot of sight seeing, hell a lot of fights. We did them all. Sleeping at 2 in the night before gulping a paratha at HCL was our normal routine.

Sems were approaching and so were our seniors. I still remember, it was 18th november 2007, when me and my roomy wrote all through the day just to complete our and our seniors' assignments. Phew.!! the 'hectiest' day till date.
Sems ended with nice decent score. The next sem started with the commencement of days of love. I don't no why but just few days before the Valentines day numerous fights break between guys. Same happened with me. I would not discuss the whole incident in detail but the only thing I can do is hats off to the level of committment guy and gal share. They are still together. I was all alone on 14th feb.. no gal to flirt with :p.. khair I had my 'bhasadi' group with me.. :D

I and my friend Prateek went for a sports meet.. lost in TT.. as usual. The very next day we had so much of enthu that we called one of our seniors to teach us 'top spin'. Prateek started calling me world number 2 and I called him world number 1. After few days we became so exhausted that we came back to our tapori world. World number 2 lakh and world number 2 lakh 1.
I was the first one among friends to have a lappy. Regular movie shows started at 10:30 p.m. ;)

1st year ended leaving behind its sweet memories. The birthday parties, the jaundice attack, first trip to red fort, Akshardham, HCL ke parathe, "pandey ki....", sutta song at night and the list goes on and on and on. . .

* * * * *

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Some lines that I confronted in life which inspire me to move on and on..

  • "Yesterday is history,
    Tomorrow is a mystery,
    but today is a gift,
    thats why its called "PRESENT".."
    -- dialogue of Kungfu Panda
  • "Falling down is not defeat, defeat is when you refuse to get up.."
    -- my gmail signature

  • "The only constant thing in life is CHANGE"
    -- from my Software Engineering Book
  • "Only thing that's worse than one is none.."
    snippet from a song of LP
  • "We never shutdown.. we hibernate!!"
    nibble's tagline.. (given by me) :)
* * * * *