Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Second Anniversary

And here comes the second anniversary of my blog !!

Ya ya, I know I shifted it from "My Feelings" to "My Diary" just a few months back but since the posts are same, the feelings are same thus, the blog's still the same !! So here I come with the celebrations...

On 23rd January 2009, I came up with a blog that contained my poems which slowly and gradually grew and now consists of more than 50 blog posts. The posts are dedicated not only to poems but also to several other weired posts by me (Articles, life @ JSS, letters, weirdos...)
23rd January 2010 marked the first anniversary of my blog ( the day witnessed another super deadly post in celebration :P ). As the time passed, it became difficult for me to keep up with the posting frequency as before. But nevertheless, posts came.. though not in myriad number.. yet they came :P
Now comes 23rd January 2011 ... yaay !

Cheers.. :)

* * * * *