Saturday, August 10, 2013

Baal jhad chuke hain, experience aa chuka hai

Well well well.. This is not the final version of post. In fact there will never be! This post is about the experience I have gained, lessons I have learnt so far in my life.  I'll keep on adding my experience in the list as and when gained ;)

[Added: August 11, 2013]

1. When you know you are too lazy to move your ass out of your bed and wash your belongings, never buy a sandal with yellow (/white or any other light) colored sole.

2. Never ever (ever EVER !!!!) enter a restaurant (in this case Cafe Coffee Day) on 1st of July without cash. Chances are, that they won't accept debit/ credit cards and you have to run from pillars to poles to find an ATM. And when you do, your card isn't accepted. Why (God damn WHY ????)? Because it is an RBI holiday and you can't perform money transactions across different banks. (PS: I called a friend to pay from my behalf. Embarrassing ehh ??)

3. "I'll remember it" is the greatest lie you have ever told yourself!

4. Learn from your mistakes. Opportunity comes, you got to be prepared. Even if you lose it, make sure that you have made a new mistake. Learn from your mistake !

5. Once in life, for a year or two (or three), keep a goatee :)

6. "Agar tum apni cheezo ka khayal nahi rakhogey to cheeze tumhara khayal nahi rakhengi" from dear Mumma

[Added: February 14, 2014]

7. When you know you are frugal, do not be in an agreement with a miser landlord. The combination will not just be bad but abysmal !

8. Life is not fair, get used to it :)

* * * * *