Sunday, February 22, 2009

But at last it rained...

A cloud resisted a lot,
it tried not to rain today,
"not once again", it thought,
but at last it rained today...

The atmosphere was rainy,
it was feeling afraid today,
it does'nt wish to rain,
but at last it rained today...

It is annoyed of raining,
it's always painful and specially today,
it can't resist anymore,
so, at last it rained today... 

Everything is conspiring against it, 
Its heart does'nt help him today,
neither do its emotions,
so, at last he rained today...

It tried to push itself away,
from the rainy atmosphere of today,
but lightening shone on his way,
and at last it rained today...

The clouds are nothing but my eyes,
which I realised today,
due to constant pain given to my heart,
at last they rained today...  
* * * * *

Friday, February 13, 2009


To my Valentine:

I don't know who you are..
I don't know how you look like..

I don't know whether you are near..
or very far from me..

I don't know whether I know you..
or you know me..

But the thing I know..
you reside in every single beat of my heart..

The thing I know..
you are the drug that keeps me alive..

The thing I know..
you are most beautiful dream of my life..

I can't die.. because i can't afford to lose you..
even after the death of mine..

O the Juliet of my life..
would you like to be my VALENTINE?
* * * * *

Thursday, February 5, 2009

If only u don't come late

Feel my feelings that are going in vain,
feel them now as I m going insane..

I m waiting for u right here right now,
you don't know m breathing somehow..

I m pulling every passerby to see ur face,
you don't know it brings to me a feeling of disgrace..

I've never been through such a hazard,
its so difficult to love someone with every broken piece of ur heart..

why can't I be with you,
is it that I don't deserve you?

I'll change the future, I'll change the fate,
but if only.. today u don't come late,
if only.. today u don't come late..

* * * * *

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whats love according to me...

I totally refute the full form of LOVE many people have formed..
To me its something else..

L... Lake of sorrow??
Actually it is...
Lake of happiness, lake of numerous smiles, lake of feeling of mutual respect, lake of feeling of togetherness...

* * *

O... Ocean of tears??
Actually it is...
Ocean of emotions, ocean of memories, ocean of cute feelings for each other...

* * *

V... Valley of thorns??

Actually it is...
Valley of roses and full of greenery.. a valley where you want to dwell rest of your life with your special one...

* * *

E... End of life??

Actually it is...
your Entry into life, the life you always dreamt of...

Thats what love means to me!!
* * * * *