Friday, April 8, 2011

The Real Hero

I played Age of Mythology (a computer game) a lot when I was young. The game was nice and gripping but the most amazing thing about it was the fascinating powers possessed by its characters (rather heroes as they were addressed).

There were heroes who were capable of throwing lightning on others, there were heroes who could make themselves disappear, there were heroes who could convert the enemy soldier into their own and some could even grow themselves strong enough to fight two elephants.

But the most powerful of them all was Arkantos. You must be wondering by now what special power did he possess that made him better than any other hero. The truth is that he had no power at all !!

Arkantos was a leader. He marched with his troops in battles. Whenever the enemy units attacked, he shouted so loudly, so fiercely, so vigorously that the copper strength of each and every army men became ten times and each one of them became unpierceable !! His shout was sort of encouragement and a source of power for his army.

We have witnessed such heroes in our lives in past (bapu and more..) and present (Anna Hazare and more..) and m sure we'll keep on witnessing such Arkantos in the future !!

* * * * *