Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anniversary of my Blog..!!

Starting at a serious note.. its my blog's anniversary.. so kindly stand up and clap for me, for regularly writing for a year.. :D

It was 23rd January 2009, when I wrote my first post and from then I have never stopped. Writing about 24 poems, 9 articles, 4 letters and manyother weird posts, this blog survived a year. Hope this carries on and I successfully keep frightening my readers(I know there are'nt many) with my writeups. ;)

Being a good writer(as I suppose myself to be) posting in this blog has always been a pleasure for me. My poems(genuinally mine!!) are my priced possessions. I love them as hell, no matter how much hillarious they might appear to you.

So, resting the celebration of my blog's anniversary, I cut my blah blah.. And yeah thanks for the "standing applause" you gave, I loved it.. :p

Edit: I tried to keep this post under the tag "VaibhavSays" but could not resist myself and tagged it as "something weird" too.. :D

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