Monday, March 22, 2010

A word 'bout WWe

"If YoU WaNt SoMe, CoMe GeT SoMe.."

You wanna rip someone's jaw off..?? You wanna destroy someone's face at one blow..?? You juss wanna unleash the beast within..!! WWE is your domain..

It was class fourth when I was introduced to this arena of bloodshed and mind you from then never has a time come when I got bored from this game. It was then when I realised what does phrase "being a man" mean..

I still remember how the glass broke and Stone Cold entered making the whole crowd go insane.. I still remember how the darkness fall and undertaker was found on the stage making the opponent plead for life.. I still remember the malevolent gaze of Triple H.. the suppressed smile running over Kane's face.. the arena teemed with 30 wrestlers in "King of the Ring".. the bloody Shawn Michael.. the beast Batista.. beautiful gals quibbling over their small issues.. and finally the "smell" of what "the Rock is cooking"..

The starting muzzik, the divas, the blood, the aggression, I miss all of them.. WWE was once an integral part of my life.. Hope I can start all over again soon.. :)

* * * * *

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