Friday, November 14, 2014


May contain spoilers!

I haven’t even recovered from the awesomeness of Niel DeGrasse’s TV series Cosmos when Interstellar struck. The movie is epic at so many levels! It pinged my likeness radar not just because of its impeccable special effects, juicy storyline or perfect blend of science and emotions but because of the message it delivers.

It was that part of the movie when explorers went through a wormhole and landed on a planet to find if life can sustain there, when I perceived the message. Close proximity to a black hole caused extreme time dilation on the planet, where one hour was worth seven years on Earth. By the time they returned back to Endurer (mother aircraft) they had spent whopping 23 years! Not only this. By the end of the movie we learned that the entire space exploration took more than 80 years on Earth to complete.

Message that Nolan tried to relay was that if large scale space explorations have to start, the time is now! Given the capriciousness of time dimension we saw in the movie, we cannot simply wait for a time to come when humanity is on verge of getting extinct to begin our space explorations and find a new home. The time is now! For achieving this we would need massive funding which could not be borne by a single nation. Individual space missions to Mars, are they causing any good? People need to unite. Destroy these narrow boundaries of nations and become one. Build one united space agency funded by all which begins to find our new home. Wasting resources on wars, spreading terror, implementing divisive politics isn’t the need of the hour.  For fighting global warming, saving other species from extinction and finding a new alternative home, the time is now!

There was a lot more in this movie ranging from black holes to five dimensions to future beings to love. All that and the message make it incomparable to any other sci-fi movie ever released.

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