Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The fourth anniversary

Stop wondering! For God's sake, it's fourth anniversary of my blog! :P

Back during those days (January 23, 2009 to be precise) I used to be an emotional moron. Too much of anger, at the same time, too much of placidness, too many friends, too much virility, too much laziness, too much hatred and sometimes.. too much love. Nothing was normal then. Yes, I was in college which has been, by far, the best phase of my life.

To give all these feelings a vent I started to blog. Starting with poems, I went on to writing articles, weirdo posts, senseless music posts, letters and what not. Looking back on all these posts I see how beautiful a person could be, when his soul is free.

In the span of these four years I myself have gone through many changes as my blog. Blog appearence got changed multiple times, so did mine. Falling hair, bushy goatee, strident voice, loss and gain in weight (from scooter to hummer, as I call it) all have contributed in this change. My interests changed as did my posts. They spanned from romantic poems to articles on music, then changed to some technical subjects and finally to retrospective posts like this. This blog clearly showcases the course of my life.

I imagine myself, sitting on my rocking chair, at an age of 60, with my specks on, reading all my articles right from the beginning. Cherishing all the moments and living them all over again :)

Happy Blogging !

* * * * *

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