Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why does a bronze medal give more satisfaction than silver?

"an empty mind + a filled stomach":- Philosophers say the combo can prove to be the most deadly for a human being. I m proud to tell you that I have both.. "a jobless mind + a stomach being fed by a perfect maid"..!!! So here I am with another deadly post. :) (take this as the "hugest" grin you have ever seen).

Now-a-days I m busy following the XIX Common Wealth Games being held in Delhi. India is doing really very well consolidating it's second position by winning gold medals at regular intervals. Not only gold but India has won many silver and bronze medals too.

One day while watching CWG I was thinking about the same.. the gold, the silver and the bronze medals.. but EUREKA..!!! I discovered a point about which I never thought in the past. The point was.. "a bronze medalist feels much more satisified than the one winning silver". See, the fact is true that silver goes for first runner up and bronze goes to the second but there's another fact linked to it too.. silver medalist has just lost his last bout whereas the bronze medalist came out victorious in his last match..!

Winning and getting laurels is good to cherish but losing and getting a medal is really very painful.. It's just like India has already won the series against Australia 2-0 but they were given the cup after the third and final test when Aussies squeezed them with a win by an innings and 200 runs..! (ofcourse that has never happened and I made that up.. :P .. but think how painful it can be.)

Taking another example of a recent boxing match. In the final the silver medalist lost to the gold medalist by a score of 11-1. The bronze medalist, on the other hand, won his bronze medal match by 5-2. The expression that the bronze medalist gave to the silver medalist, during the medal ceremony, was like, "come have a re-match sucka.. m gonna knock u out this time..!!" :-/

Why not include the Indian Hockey show in CWG.. Won against England by penalty shoot out (5-4) but lost to Australia 8-0..! The hearts of English players might be jumping and shouting at top of their voices.. "He he..!! U suck fella..!! We could have done better..!!"

I never knew the jobless mind sometimes becomes pretty reasonable.. :P

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  1. hahaha...d jobless mind can be very funny indeed....make sure that all bronze medalist read this post :P, they'll feel proud of themselves.
    Btw its an interesting analogy indeed.